Friday, March 25, 2011

The Final Countdown!

We are in the thick of the final week of rehearsals and I couldn't be happier.

Sets are being finalised....

My counter for the Library Scene

The Footbridge for the romance scene in Act 2 - how clever are our crew?!

And the cast are rehearsing nightly, polishing and working hard and just loving every minute. Here are a few rehearsal shots from last week - one of the production team took them and they're a little blurry - but there will be some professional photos available to us following dress rehearsals. I'll be sure to share them!

Barbershop Quartet

'Mama' and I doing our porch scene

'Harold' and I during one of our many dialogue scenes. Marian is fobbing him off here as she so often does....

The whole cast getting our notes from the director after rehearsal.

Last night we had our Sitz Probe, our first rehearsal with the orchestra. They were sublime. They make us sound so good!! ;) We have a great orchestra, a talented and amazing cast, a phenomenal crew, a wonderful director - what more could we ask for? I couldn't be happier (or more tired) this week. Thanks for your prayers and patience while my blog remains ever so quiet. It will pick up again once The Music Man is over.

Opening Night in 7 more sleeps!!!!


Smilie girl said...

Such a lot of fun and hard work goes into a production. Thank you for sharing. All the best as you get closer to showtime.
What great sets!
And I finally got to see Wicked last week. Loved it! So happy.

Karen said...

So fun! I wish I could see it. :-)

Renata said...

Hi Saminda
How exciting! Oh I wish I could come & watch you - I'm sure you'll do a fantastic job there!
Hope it all goes well & looking forward to your photos!
Have a great week


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