Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Evening Thoughts

It's sleep time now.

I just wanted to say I was part of a Flood Relief Concert this afternoon at our local theatre, and it went great! It was a huge team - 300 people on stage? - of dancers, singers and musicians from our local district. Ian (my 'Harold') and I sang a song each from The Music Man, and gave the show a good plug. ;) Hoping this attracts more people in the community to come along and see it!

Thank you all for your kind words following my last post. They mean so much to me. The weekend has been sweet time together, despite having an Open Home here, jobs to do in town, music students to teach, rehearsals to attend... and then this concert this afternoon. It's so busy at the moment, but we're making the most of the time we do have together. The children are being so patient, and making the best of things too. They LOVE being at the theatre!! :) They are truly growing up to be theatre kids, just like their Mama and Papa.

Elijah is a little sick today. Throughout the day he developed a fever and has been complaining over the weekend about a sore throat and neck. He's sleeping now and seems to be more comfortable. I may give him a home day tomorrow. Lots of rest and cuddles would do him good I'm sure. Please pray for his quick recovery? Thank you.

Goodnight all.


Smilie girl said...

Glad to hear you had a wonderful, if busy weekend. The concert would have been so fun to see.
Wishing your E a quick recovery, poor little man.

Rebecca said...

I clicked over to your blog from Vic @ home revolutions. What a lovely blog you have!

I do hope your Elijah is feeling better soon, it's not nice for kids to be sick. That said, I've found it can be a real blessing to be able to look after them in this way. Who better than mum, hey?

Saminda said...

Welcome, Rebecca! I'll be popping by your blog for sure too. :)


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