Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Video to Share

Hi all! Things are getting very very exciting at my house!

We have our full dress rehearsal tonight, and Opening Night is tomorrow night! By Sunday night The Music Man part of my life will be over. And there will inevitably be tears. :) But for now, excitement. I wanted to share with you this link:

It is a little video a friend put together of some footage taken in the park of the cast. We were fully costumed (minus hair-do's, makeup and hats, for some...), for our official photo shoot. It's a great little glimpse of everyone, and of the era (1912). :) The music is all from the show.

Hope you enjoy it!


Smilie girl said...

Please pass on to your friend that it's a great video.
All the very best to you all for the performances!

Renata said...

WOW Saminda - that is quite a cast! My kids were all here watching - I think they were amazed it was in Australia!!


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