Saturday, March 19, 2011

Winter Nightgowns for Saraya

She knows what she likes to wear, my girl. She always has. And it's dresses by day, and nighties by night. She simply doesn't like shorts or jeans or pyjama pants.

And so I gave myself the challenge many months back to find her some cosy warm nightgowns for winter. This was even harder than I thought it would be. Were I a sewer, I would make them myself - but I am not. This is a reality I've had to come to face! So I began to look in big shops, small shops, market stalls..... and eventually, online. After months of searching, success! Thank you Etsy.

They are perfect. Handmade. Soft. Warm. And they both meet their owner's approval nicely.

She prefers the white one with dots, but she wanted to save that one for tonight because Nanna will be here. :) I'm so happy to have found them!


Smilie girl said...

Well, I'm the opposite. It would be very unusual to find me in any form of dress.
These are beautiful. The first one reminds me of a nightdress I had when I was little. It's a shame they aren't as readily available now.
I'm glad you found such lovely nighties.

Heather said...

Adorable! My girls would love these also.

...they call me mommy... said...

Very nice, Saminda! :) I often forget about Etsy when searching for things! There are so many beautiful, wonderful, and unique items on there! :) And for what it's worth I can't sew clothing either...I've tried and I keep trying...LOL! ;)

Renata said...

I love these Saminda! Where were you able to find these? They look beautiful & will be so lovely & warm! Ellie would also love these!
Hope you are going well & keeping well - have a great day

Miss Practicality said...

I picked up some gorgeous nightie patterns if you feel like tackling them feel free to borrow! I've been meaning to tell you for ages, long time no see.



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