Saturday, June 21, 2008

And so life continues...............

Life is settling down again. Ah, the beauty of normality!

William is recovering really well. He is still suffering with a bit of congestion and a slight wheeze, but his feeding and sleeping is fairly well back to normal. He is happier and more alert again, and it's so nice to have my little settled boy back!

It struck me today that when you have other children it's a beautiful distraction when things are difficult. And how they need you to just keep things as normal as possible. It reminds me of being in labour - such a great distraction having my older two children around, just being themselves!! Anyway, I think their zest for life is helping all of us move on from the difficult parts of this week. We've had a great Saturday today!
I just thought I'd post some photos of things Elijah was up to earlier in the week before William was unwell.

Captain Elijah - with a smile and a surly face. He's been playing lots of pirate games lately.

This is Elijah turning his Ukulele into a violin. Yes, he's using a hobby horse as the bow! Such creativity I never knew was possible in a 3 year old!!

We had fun blowing bubbles earlier in the week as well. I like this last photo. :)

Well, one more week of school before the Winter holidays begin! It will be so nice to all be home together for 2 weeks. Hopefully I'll be posting lots of pictures of our garden renovations! That is, assuming that they happen. Lots of great family time anyway. The times I always appreciate the holidays Stuart's job provides......... busy terms, but great holidays.


Renata said...

Looks like Elijah is having a lovely time there!! We're also looking forward to the holidays!
Have a good day
Renata :)

Heather said...

So glad that little William is better. I love the picture of Elijah making his pirate face!

Babycakes has just now developed an interest in The Wiggles, so we've been watching "Wiggle Time" over and over. I'm perplexed because she refers to The Wiggles as the "Mocka Mockos." I have no idea why. It's her own little baby language.


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