Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Elijah!!!

Our beautiful Elijah Samuel turned 3 on Saturday! Here's a picture record of our day.

It started with some stories with Papa cuddling under a blanket...............

while Saraya decorated Elijah's presents with stickers (the wrapping paper was plain black). The finished product was really nice! And she enjoyed it too.

Elijah is........... Captain Feathersword! I bought this costume on Ebay and it's gorgeous. The best bit is the feathersword itself. It says "Ahoy there, me hearties'" and laughs like the Captain himself. Very cute!

Finally.... the little keyboard I purchased for Elijah about 6 months ago could come down off the top of the bathroom cupboard, out from it's hiding spot! It was just the hit I knew it would be with our little musical star. He spent virtually the rest of the day exploring its various functions and performing to himself or anyone who would listen. The microphone is a little grating...... but I guess we'll get used to it. :)

A game of "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" with Nanna and Stuart, followed by the decorating of biscuits. We took these happy biscuit faces to church with us yesterday as part of the party morning tea we shared for Elijah with our friends there.

An outdoor concert over lunch from the two singing siblings. Notice who's wearing the costume now? Elijah changed into his new Wiggles outfit. It's a size 3, but really much too big for him! He's still a fairly little guy for his age.

Stu found these pirate plates. He thought they'd go nicely with the cake. Elijah loved them.

And here it is....... the cake itself. Thanks Mum for the help!! If you can't tell here, it's a number 3 cake, decorated in a sea theme complete with little lego pirate men. :) Elijah's idea. The brown part is "treasure island", surrounded by yellow smartie and jelly bean sand. The pirate captain awaits the rest of his crew.

The day finished off with a playschool dvd (some quiet time for all!) and a cuddle with Grandpa.

It was a relaxing, peaceful day. I think Elijah really enjoyed himself. As is tradition, he got to decide what his birthday tea would be........ and he chose pizza. Not lovely homemade pizza -
"No Mamma, pizza from the pizza shop" he clearly declared! Well, fine then. So an easy tea it was.

Happy birthday little man. You are a delight to us all and we love you!


Heather said...

Cute! I love the outdoor concert pictures. When Bee was 2, she loved the Wiggles so much, we actually went to see them in concert when they were here. DH and I had as much fun as she did!

How on earth did you make a cake in the shape of a 3? It looks perfect!

Joshua said...

Happy birthday Elijah!! Sounds like a lovely day for all. Looking forward to catching up with you.

Renata said...

Your Elijah looks like he had a great birthday!! I especially love the cake - you did a great job on it!! I think all kids go through the Wiggles phase - my 2 eldest ones did & I'm awaiting it with the twins (can I hide the dvd's????LOL)
Oh & yes we are from brisbane -the north side.
Renata :)

jazzy cat said...

Happy Birthday Captain Feathersword! Elijah is looking swashbuckling in his cute outfit! Well done mum with the ebay shopping! You wouldn't be a junkie like me now would you?! ;-) All look nice and happy and relaxed in the pictures so I'm sure that's a good indication of the day itself! p.s. cake is gorgeous! Love those Women's Weekly cookbooks I saw Saraya pouring through in the last blog or so!

Heather said...

Oh, I see Renata found your blog! I kept feeling like I should introduce you to each other, since you're my two Australian readers. Do you live by each other?


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