Monday, June 16, 2008

Sick children

Well, today was not an easy day in our household. Firstly, William has caught a cold from somewhere and is really blocked up in his nose. How awful, to have your first cold at 3 weeks of age! So many people around us are unwell....... it's hard to avoid at this time of year. It's awful seeing William struggling to breathe with all the congestion. He just needs to be held all the time as putting him down causes him to get more blocked up, gag, and wake up crying. He can only get decent sleep when he's being held upright. Which of course means that I've been holding him virtually constantly since Saturday afternoon, day and night...............

We're getting loads of cuddle time - I'm trying to keep positive and value that time with him! It's just hard when there are other little ones also needing me.
Poor Saraya woke up with a sick tummy this morning, and proceeded to vomit a couple of times through the morning. So no school for her today! Elijah is mostly well, just off his food and a bit pale over the weekend. What a houseful of unwell kids! It's not fun and I'm so glad we rarely get sick.

Right now I'm just counting my blessings that I am well. I need to stay well so I can take care of everyone else! Praying for better sleep tonight, for Will's nose to clear up soon, for Saraya and Elijah to sleep all night and wake up happy and well in the morning.......... and for Stu and I to both stay well.

Can't wait for full health to return! And to be able to sleep properly again, with free arms
so I can lie in any position I want. :)

I'm sure hoping tomorrow is going to be a better day.


Heather said...

Oh, poor babies! Coping with sick kids can be so exhausting. I'll pray for you all to feel better soon!

Renata said...

Oh no, you poor thing! I'll pray they all get better soon & you get some proper rest.
Renata :)

cathy said...

We won't let you despair...the troops are're not alone!
By the way, I don't think acts of service are about a bank-account kind of thing; they're a gift for you just as God's immeasurable love is a gift:) We're praying for you!

jazzy cat said...

My goodness I can't imagine staying upright all night trying to keep William upright and unblocked! Three weeks is far too young for a cold isn't it! You poor thing! Hope you are all back to good health soon!

Saminda said...

Stuart says:
Cathy - troops rallying. It was like a tidal wave of generosity. Forget the bank account analogy otherwise we would be in debt for the rest of our lives. Our pantry is bursting at the seams from gifts, our fridge is full, our washing done, our freezer restocked, our house cleaned, our yard renovated, our children cared for, Saminda visited in hospital with William, offers all over the place to pick up children, or pick up Saminda and bountiful love poured all over us like honey.
We love you all. Thankyou Cathy for organising so much of this. Thankyou to my families I work with that joined in who went way beyond the call of duty to their child's teacher.
I'm posting this here as Saminda will probably like to share a few key words about all of this when she returns home tomorrow. And she will do it more justice in her own Bloggy sort of way.
God Bless everyone!

Heather said...

Saminda and Stuart,

Cathy e-mailed me about little William, and I just wanted to let you know that I've got our whole church praying for him on the prayer chain.

Much love from us in the U.S.


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