Sunday, June 1, 2008

Quote of the week

Elijah made us all smile this morning. He was telling us how much he has grown, zooming up towards his 3rd birthday next weekend. He was comparing his size to that of his new baby brother.

With gusto and a grand smile he pronounced, "My littleness is gone!"

I must admit he is looking rather larger since William arrived. :) I love my two little boys.


Cathy said...

That's so delightful.. and a little heart-tugging at the same time!!!

Cathy said...
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Heather said...

Oh, that's so sweet! Kids are so funny. My favorite quote from Bee, after her baby sister was born, is, "Lucky C. She doesn't have to clean her room. She just has to fill her diapers and look cute."

Theresa said...

Oh I love how Elijah comes out with these things. He is so adorable and must be very excited about being the big brother!

the dalby mob said...

One of the classic lines! We all hope Elijah had a wonderful birthday. And now he is SO big. Congratulations on being 3, Elijah!


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