Monday, June 23, 2008

Jane Austin heroines

Heather got me onto this........

Click on the Jane Austin link on the left below for some fun! (just scroll down...)

Female readers out there, take the Jane Austin heroine quiz and find out which heroine you are most like....... And then set yourself the challenge to read the relevant novel if you never have (or at least watch the film :)).
I am, apparently, Elinor Dashwood. I can see the similarities. With Emma Thompson's portrayal of the character that is - I have never actually read Sense and Sensibility, but LOVE the film. So my challenge now is to read it!

Have a great day everyone.


Heather said...

Emma Thompson was perfect as Eleanor! I love that film!

I was happy, but not surprised, to learn that I'm a Lizzy. She's my favorite! I have the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice on DVD, and I've watched it 10 times at least. So now I must read the book (very sad for an English major to never have read P&P. I should be ashamed of myself).

Renata said...

You're right, in fact Elinor Dashwood is pretty good, when you consider that she would handle most things in life!! Well now I'll just have to watch the movie as well!!
Renata :)

Theresa said...

I am Elinor Dashwood too! That was a fun quiz. I miss you and your family lots. I love the photos of William and I hope he is better.

cathy said...

I did this quiz last night,too! And I guess we shouldn't be surprised (but I was) that I am Elinor Dashwood, too:)) I'm looking forward to borrowing the book from the library-maybe we could read it at the same time:)

Tamra said...

I did this one on facebook and found out that I am apparently Elizabeth Bennet. I guess I should watch and read Pride and Prejudice. Which is better the new one or the old BBC one?

Copland said...

Well, apparently I am Marrianne Dashwood. I had hoped to be Lydia Bennet... but she wasn't even an option! Bah!


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