Thursday, June 26, 2008

A day out

Yesterday Saraya's junior school was participating in a regional sports carnival. However, it was to be hosted by a school about 45 minutes drive from here, the students were to be transported by coach, and the day was going to be about 8 hours long for the kids ............ I decided that it was too much for Saraya at her age, and because of having a newborn I was unable to drive her myself this time. We all plan to be there next year!

Today the term ended with a Medieval Day. Yay HOLIDAYS!!! This was primarily Stuart's day (we both have an interest in Medieval history), and ran many activities through the afternoon. Both of the little boys and I were out at school for the day with Saraya (in costume!) and had a blast but are exhausted! More about today, tomorrow. :)
With the free time we gained yesterday, I decided to break out of our normal routine and do some fun stuff with the kids. It was great! We started the day with our morning jobs, and the children had some freeplay time and watched Playschool while I tended to William and packed some lunch to take out with us.

We were about to walk out to the car at about 10:30am but when I tried to find the car keys I quickly discovered they weren't anywhere here......... after phoning Stu, I found out he had accidentally taken them to work with him in his pocket!! Grrrrrr............................
Thankfully, another teacher who lives nearby was about to head home as he had forgotten his tennis gear. So he was able to drop the keys off for me! "Hooray!!!" chorused the children, having thought our day out was going to become our day in.

So, we headed into town. We met up with my friend Helen and her daughter to Ellie at the hall next to our church, to make princess (and prince) crowns for today.

William had a decent sleep in the stroller which allowed me to help the children with their artwork. Hooray for two free hands!

Then on to Queen's Park (our favourite park in town, just in our own street) for a picnic lunch and a play. "William's first trip to the park!" as Saraya exclaimed.

It's a gorgeous old park, complete with a traditional bandstand. Last time we were here, there was a brass band playing for a special market day event. Elijah decided that since there was no band this time, he would provide the entertainment.
Marmite sandwiches, grapes, dried apricots and some muffins for lunch.
This is the Mary River.

The fountain in the park is always surrounded by gorgeous flowers. You never know what colour they'll be from one month to the next.

Saraya decided to climb a tree on our way to the playground area. This resulted in both children ending up in the tree, Eljiah's first tree-climbing session. Fun, fun, fun. And we never actually got to the playground.............

This is a photo of William sleeping in the sling while the children were climbing the tree. He slept most of the day while we were out and about.

I need to go serve out dinner - everyone is exhausted and the children are getting fractious. Fun days out! Looking forward to the weekend tomorrow..................


jazzy cat said...

What a lovely day! I had a car key moment the other day...but this time it was me at fault. I took Andrew's work keys when I used his car - they were on the same key ring. Poor man had to wait around at work till someone came to open up for him! Oops! William looks so content in the sling - feeding and sleeping, the life of a contented wee man! Hope the infection has cleared. Really enjoying the blogs.

Renata said...

Happy School Holidays!!! - ours don't start til next week, but that's what you get for moving. Looks like you had a fun day out & about. William looks so cute asleep there ( yes I'm getting clucky!) Hope you have a nice day!
Renata :)

Heather said...

Grrr...the car keys situation has happened around here too. Usually, I have the kids all strapped in their seats, and when I go to start the car, the keys have mysteriously disappeared. My husband takes them out of the ignition to borrow my garage key, then puts them in his pocket and leaves!

Your park is just beautiful. We have no parks like that around here! The fountain with all of the flowers was so lucky you are to have that close by.


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