Thursday, December 11, 2008

An Anniversary Day Trip

So yesterday we went on a day trip.  Aside from having some holiday fun, it was also in celebration of our 7th wedding anniversary which was last week.  Stuart decided to plan a day trip because going for drives of exploration was our most favourite thing to do together before we got married!  We love exploring new places.  I wasn't sure how the kids would travel (it can be variable), but praise God they were wonderful!  Lots of carol-singing and playing eye-spy, and napping.  Fabulous.

Occasionally Stuart will plan something like this entirely without telling me.  I love that.  I love surprises from him!
We headed out west to an area we'd never been.  One of Stu's prep families have just moved about an hour out there, so we popped in for a cup of tea as our first stop.  Very nice!  Biggendon is a typical country town, tiny and friendly.  And we came across a FANTASTIC thrift shop, but more about that tomorrow!
We had lunch at a little cafe with the widest variety of foods imaginable.  It was inexpensive and very very tasty fare.

Onward we travelled to our second pitstop, BanBan Springs.

For those Aussies who know the Aboriginal story of the rainbow serpent, this is where it originated.

The children were fascinated with this Aboriginal mural painting.

Stuart and the children had a game of Boules, and Will and I lazed under some trees for a bit.

Onto our final stop, back through Biggendon and out to Mount Walsh National Park for afternoon tea and a bushwalk.
The track is steep.  And long.  And according to the sign "for experienced and well-prepared walkers only".    Did we let that stop us?  No!!  Onward and upward we went, for a kilometre or so anyway.

With walking stick and bird book in hand (there are wedge-tailed eagles - stunning! we saw 2- and peregrine falcons in the area), Saraya was a quick and masterful climber!  Elijah whinged on the flat ground but once we got going up the track, he was into the thrill of it.  He must have stumbled 4 or 5 times, but just picked himself up and kept going.  If it wasn't for the sun starting to get a bit low, we would have kept going.  Though come to think of it, we were all getting pretty tired.  It was a rocky, interesting trail and we'll definately travel out to walk it again.

Mount Walsh

As far up as we got.

It was great to explore some of our local area, and once again I was reminded of how beautiful Australia is.

Cold drinks on the way home as the sun set, baths and pyjamas, boiled eggs, ham and baked beans on toast for tea.  Bed for the children.  A favourite movie for Stu and I.

A great day, and probably the nicest anniversary we've ever had.  I love you my husband!  Thankyou for a beautiful day.


jazzy cat said...

How wonderful! Surprises are the best! That stunning photo took me back too, congratulations to you guys on 6 yrs?! I didn't realise you had a new car - it looks fabulous (great colour btw). Was intrigued to hear about the countryside, sounds a very picturesque area and with wedge-tail eagles too!! I thought they were only in America! Saraya seems to look older in each photo you post of her (hmm I guess she is)...btw if you can let me know when you might be down for christmas I will drop your pressie over or otherwise will post to you.

Linda said...

Wow. Wakka Wakka when I thought about it isn't too different from Wagga Wagga. It took me by surprise at first.

And I do know the story of the Rainbow Serpent.

Copland said...

Hey guys. Thanks for sharing your day out!

Theresa and I have done the drive to Biggenden and beyond once or twice. One day we did it with Eliza and Glen. A great day of adventuring. Maryborough is great for that sort of stuff - five minutes are you're out of town, heading down a long bit of road...

Adelaide isn't quite the same, but the drives can be nice up in the hills... if you can handle the bends!

Hey, tell Stu we wouldn't mind a copy of this year's movie if he has some lying around.

Sues said...

Lovely day by all accounts! The children did so well. Tell Stuart I left a message for you - he'll be amazed by my computer abilities. Love the photo of you a William.

Heather said...

What a great day! Beautiful pictures. I love Will in his little hat. He's so cute!

Happy Anniversary!

Stuart said...

What a positively delightful day! I think for this year is was wise to wait until we could properly celebrate our anniversary even though we plan to sort that out in future years. As it was the day ended up being a true Fern day filled with all the things we really love to do. It is so nice to take a whole day to explore a new area and not really have any goals in mind or any timeline to stick to.

As for you my darling wife I would like to say how much I dearly care for you, am so proud of everything you do and have achieved and that I will love you forever and ever.

Happy Anniversary my love.

Jen, the Wedge Tailed Eagle only lives in Australia. It is our largest bird of prey. America have their own set of incredible birds like the Bald Eagle and a very large Condor.

Linda in most Aboriginal dialects the repeating of a word would mean "a lot of" or add emphasis. I know that Wagga Wagga means lots of crows, and it is entirely possible the Wakka Wakka means the same but in a different dialect.

Andrew the movie is $10 with all proceeds going to Ethiopia. I may have to buy you one. By the way Eliza and David Shipp are engaged as of last week. Hooray!

And Sue, you are very clever.

Saminda said...

Wagga Wagga means lots of magpies, my mistake.



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