Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It is SO HOT!!!!!!

Oh my goodness, today has been so hot.  Excruciatingly hot!
The forecast was for 35 degrees celsius for Maryborough, but we are guessing it made it around 37 or 38 - or hotter.  Plus, the humidity was up around 80% for much of the day.  It was bad.

So what did we do today?  What was on the agenda?  What wonderful, exciting plans did we have for our day?  It was a simple plan, easily formulated yet difficult to execute.   
The plan:  TO KEEP COOL............

Will wore only a nappy and the children wore a pair of underpants for the day (actually, they're not in much more than that in bed now either- it's still up around 30 degrees at 8:30pm, yuk!).  Stuart and I wore as little as possible!  We drank copious amounts of cold water and cold lime juice cordial.  We ate through a whole big wedge of cool watermelon. We put water on ourselves every time we washed our hands.  Stu put a spray bottle into the fridge and periodically sprayed the children and me with chilly water (yelps could be heard from miles away!).  We ate vanilla icecream with maple syrup for afternoon tea.  We had every fan in the house turned up full swing, but still couldn't feel one bit of breeze.  
By 2pm we were all going slightly mad.  William had had at least 3 baths, and Stuart and I each a couple of showers.  You'd feel cool whilst under the water but boiling hot again the second your skin dried.  Saraya and Elijah had watched a good hour or more of tv, and we were all too hot to think what to do next.  So we went out to our "liveable shed" (just a one room, unsealed but semi-liveable little shed) which happens to be fitted with an old air-conditioner (the lady who used to live here had an adult son who lived out there).  We took water, and a big basket of library books, and hung out reading for awhile out there.  It was good!

Coming inside again was hard.......... to quote Saraya "Oh Mamma, ouch!!!!  I just lay down on the couch in the living room, and it was so hot I had to jump off 'cause it burnt me!!".   Elijah was crying after walking on the grass outside because the grass was burning his feet.  Yep.  It's been THAT bad.

At 4:30pm we drove to Woolworths just to get into some proper air-conditioning.  We dawdled around the shop for an hour, collecting a few bits we needed but mostly just enjoying a reprieve from the heat.  People everywhere were doing the same.  We heard one lady say she was considering hiding in the shops to sleep the night - her friend commented that she'd have plenty to eat and drink!!

Anyway, at least we have water.  And fans.  And I'm almost finished a favourite book of mine, and think I'll go do so now.  We're hoping to get a half-decent night sleep, our last night of 2008.  Hmmm..... with this heat, I don't like our chances!  

Once again to quote Saraya today, "When is it going to be Winter?"!!!

Happy New Year everyone! :)

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Cathy said...

I'd like to echo Saraya's thought: I said today that at least that was one less heatwave day to endure:) Oh but the breeze today is lovely, isn' it!! It must be, oh, three degrees cooler?!! Yay for fridge water and ice-cold fruit to see us through. Our kids hve been carrying a wet and frozen handtowel around their shoulders and there's been a lot of blue coloured water play today including blue food dye on faces and bodies!! Our two blueberries!!


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