Friday, December 12, 2008

Thrifting in Biggendon

I mentioned yesterday that on our day trip on Wednesday we found a wonderful thrift shop.  You know the *real* thrift shops, where things are so cheap it almost seems like stealing?  
Still, we found some treasures and were more than happy to support Lifeline at the same time. :)

How could I resist the bright orange zoo animal pattern on these soft denim overalls for William? Like new, and only $1-.

Saraya and I found this pattern for old-fashioned pyjamas and nighties for 50c - "oooo Mamma, do you think Nanna could make these for me?".  Well, um, Mum?  What do you think?........... ;)

There were 8 of these teeny tiny little glasses (they may be shot glasses...?) and I bought them all to use for tiny servings of dessert eg. jelly, for little people.  10c each.

A doll with a handmade dress, bloomers and shoes for Saraya $3- (she had a little birthday money left, burning a hole in her pocket.... and didn't seem to mind that this poor dolly has had a few fingers chewed off by what I imagine was a distructive puppy.......)
A koala backpack for Elijah (he loves this little guy & has been wearing it everywhere!) $2-
And a big sturdy wicker basket with handles for me $5- my most favourite bargain.

And finally, these 4 ironstone soup bowls, handcrafted in Japan, are crying out to me from the kitchen hutch as I type.  They were 70c each, deserve to have a good home.......... and will each have soup in them by the end of this weekend.  I can't wait to use them!


The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Wow, what wonderful finds! I want a pair of those overalls in my size!

Copland said...

Nice work on the second hand stuff, Saminda! For some reason there's a real sense of accomplishment when I buy something second hand - like I'm giving new life to something.

Oh, and it's always cheap too!

jazzy cat said...

Love that basket and soup bowls too! I love things with 'history' and 'character' as I like to term it. That's why my favourite finds are from my fave second-hand 'antique' store too - although not quite as cheap!

Renata said...

Great finds!!! That shop sounds fantastic!! The overalls are so cute & the pattern will look lovely! But my favourite of all your finds is that basket - how I would love one just like that!! (no I'm not coverting - just admiring - I promise!!!)

Cathy said...

My jaw dropped when I saw the bowls - we had these as I was growing up; mine usually featured tin tomato soup (3/4 water + 1/4 tin milk) or packet chicken-noodle soup! It's not that Mum didn't make homemade soup, just that I'm notoriously "fussy", although I've mellowed / grown up quite bit in this department:)
The basket is also lovely - well-done!! It's like treasure-hunting, isn't it! It reminds me of the Proverbs 31 model + makes me smile!!


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