Monday, December 22, 2008

We're Home!!

Late last night we returned home from Brisbane, where we had been visiting with family since last Wednesday night.  It was a full 4 days, catching up with everyone..... plus fitting in some shopping trips in the *big* shopping centre near Mum's house, swimming in the pool, eating some jolly Christmas fare, exchanging gifts............ 
And we also had a trip to the big city for me to go to my Neurologist appointment (following up on the migraines with aura I've been having the past few months).  Unfortunately I need to travel back down to Brisbane mid-January to have an MRI, just to rule out the possibility of anything else sinister going on.  My Dad had 2 strokes under the age of 50.... and the "auras" I've had have gone on for longer than is normal, apparently.  SO, we're just in the process of checking things out.  I need to stay on the medication I've been given until I've had the MRI & the follow-up appointment.

Enough about all that.
Today I'm busy unpacking and catching up on washing; and finding homes for those gifts we received in Brisbane.  :)  We're feeling festive and the next couple of days will be spent finishing Christmas cooking, present wrapping, cleaning the house till it shines (well, maybe)........... etc.!  Hope your week is starting off nicely!

These are Saraya and Elijah's Christmas stockings which Mum made and cross-stitched for them.  
.........."the stockings were hung by the chimney with care"...................  They soon will be!

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