Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Christmas movie and Christmas lights

The last few years have seen us start a family tradition of watching the movie "Little Women" together just before Christmas.  It happens to be one of my favourite stories (I love Louisa May Alcott's books), and this version of the film is my favourite.  This afternoon we all sat together in the lounge room, lunch plates and drinks in hand, and shared this old-fashioned Christmassy favourite.  The little boys did really well, just playing on the floor when their interest faded.  Stuart and I (yes, he loves this movie too!) got a tear in our eye in all the sad bits.  And the happy ones too. :)

I made sure Elijah had an afternoon nap, and tonight after tea we all headed out to look at Christmas lights.  The children "oooo-d" and "aaaah-d" sufficiently, and we were all quite amazed at the effort some people put in to decorating their homes for us all to enjoy!  Our final stop at the home with many running tiny model trains was our favourite.......... extremely clever and well set up, with tiny villages and people, cattle, farms, streetlights all lit up, etc.  We spent nearly an hour there!

It's been a delight delivering boxes of Christmas baking to friends this week.  
Shortbreads, rum balls, and little tarts- some raspberry and some fruit mince- with crumble topping, and lots of little Christmas sweets tossed in for good measure. :)  So nice to share at this time of year!  

"Only 2 more sleeps till Christmas!!" (quote Saraya, bedtime tonight.....)


Tereza said...

we are getting really exited too!!

Renata said...

Sounds like you're having a lovely time together! I saw that movie at the shops a month or so ago & was so tempted to get it - but didn't! I loved the book & read it many times when I was younger!

Copland said...

We'll just ignore the part about Stu crying then shall we?

Ok, good.


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