Thursday, January 1, 2009

First day of 2009

I definitely got out of bed on the wrong side this morning.
Wakeful children, a sweaty baby who only wanted to cuddle up with me and suckle all night...... and a persistent 30 degree temperature and high humidity through the night kept me from sleeping much at all.

Still, a talk with a friend this morning, a phone-call from Mum, a good cup of coffee, and a new shower cleaner which is all natural but actually WORKED to make our shower sparkle after I spent half an hour scrubbing it - and I feel better! Today there is a breeze, which is making all the difference. Yesterday apparently it got up to 38 degrees here in town (100.40 degrees Fahrenheit), ouch!!

I need to go pack for Woocoo. It's a beautiful park/ nature reserve/ bbq area just outside of town, where our church family is gathering for a shared dinner, play for the kids, etc. I might take my new Christmas just-for-me-slimline-blogging camera from Stuart (!)and take some photos. So long!

1 comment:

Tereza said...

Ouch that IS hot!!!
On our side of the world it snowed. hard to imagine that it could be so hot someplace else!
Enjoy the picnic! Happy new year!


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