Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Nature Study

This afternoon Stuart saved a pretty little Praying Mantis from being squashed by our shed door, and passed it into the eager hands of insect-loving Saraya.  

"Mac" is staying the night in a glass jar filled with sticks and leaves.  He has been given a bottle-top lid with some water in it to drink.  And a few unidentifiable crawly insects we dug up from the soil as I was weeding, for his supper.  As always with the insects we allow Saraya to observe and pet for a day or two, he is being taken everywhere and watched closely by a set of blue eyes above a freckled nose.

A good little nature study.


jazzy cat said...

Blame being an entomologists' child and being subjected to creepy crawlies from a young age -I think 'Mac' is actually a Katydid rather than a stick insect.

Saminda said...

We double-checked Jen, and he was indeed a Praying Mantis! (now released to freedom again...)


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