Sunday, January 18, 2009

A vegetable feast!

Quite awhile ago now, my friend Andrew challenged me to a gardening post - which in turn challenged me to do a spot of gardening in spite of our hot summer weather!  We had a particular vegie patch which was basically only growing grass (there's another one of those, but more on that one tomorrow!!).  

Anyway, I got in there and weeded and mulched and composted etc, and planted it out with a variety of different seeds I had stored in the laudry room.  Funny, a few of those seeds developed, but mostly what we ended up with was a garden of tomato plants which all sprang out of the compost!  5 VARIETIES of them!!  They have had fun climbing up the sweetcorn plants which I planted along the back of the bed, and have been so delicious.  I pick about a punnet a day.

We've had a pumpkin vine start growing in this garden too.

There are cherry tomatoes mingled in with grape.  Also "tom thumbs" which the children LOVE!

The corn plants are now a few feet higher than in these photos, and will be ready to harvest in a week or two.  Yum!!


Copland said...

That's awesome!!

Your thumb must be a few shades greener than mine... however I will take some shots of my amazing overgrown tomato plants and blog them soon. We'll just be putting this year in the 'experimental' category for our family when it comes to growing our own vegies.

I did get a copy of "The Magic Square" for Christmas and so I'm planning my Autumn/Winter garden in the next little while.

Keep the photos coming - way to go with the gardening challenge by the way. You win five extra special bonus points, spend them wisely!

Renata said...

It looks great!! I always think it's interesting what grows out of compost. It's wonderful that they are producing so well. My garden was a dismal failure last year - due to chickens & lack of water - oh well there's always this year!


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