Friday, January 9, 2009

Please leave a comment!!!

I found out on Heather's blog that it's apparently De-lurking week, encouraging all regular readers of blogs to leave a comment!!  I too can be accused of just reading, so often I'm doing it whilst breastfeeding or just holding Will, and only have one hand so don't leave a comment.  However, if there's a post I really enjoyed or found funny or helpful or just plain interesting, I do try to leave even just a few words!

SO, here I am, down on my knees (not really, but almost) begging (yes, I know it's really sad), that if you are a regular reader of my blog, please leave me a comment here and there!  Sometimes I forget that anyone is actually reading as comments can be few and far between (yeah I know, bring out the tiny violin, poor poor me ........), yet I often run into people who then comment on things they've read on my blog.  "You read it?" is my stunned reply.  "Oh yes, I check it every day!!" they say enthusiastically.  Okay.  Wow!

Please, just a few teeny tiny words to make me happy?  And so I know who's actually out there?

Truth be known, I don't blog for the comments, but I do really enjoy them!  


Heather said...

Saminda, you know I'm not a lurker, but I'm gonna leave a comment anyway, because you know I love you! (In a purely platonic way of course :)

Tamra said...

same here, I don't blog for comments but they sure are fun! Love Saraya's new dress

Laura said...

Hhmmmm.... well, as you know, I read your blog. Your life is so different than mine, up here in the frozen-lands, so I check daily because it reminds me of all the wonder in the world. Plus, you have a really interesting life (I admit to being a jealous of you quite often!) and I enjoy your writing.

In short, I'm only a semi-lurker. :) Shall I rosin my bow for your violin? (or shall I play my own?)


Karen said...

Hmmmmm, a LURKER! I love that concept!(and the fact that of course somebody has come up with a name for us slackies that read but are often not sure what to say)
For the record....yes I check your blog a few times a week and I enjoy it (it's kinda sad that we live so close yet this is the way I keep tabs on you babe!)

Christy Walsh said...

Hi Saminda! I'm guilty as charged and you don't even know me! I found your blog through Sunnyside Fun. I have children about the same age as yours (5, 4, and 1) and enjoy reading your family happenings!! It's nice to know there's others going through similar phases! I'm a bit of a slack blogger - I just don't find the time to do all the bits and pieces with 3 kids at home... I will post more comments tho :)LOL! Christy xo

Kerry T said...

Hi Saminda
Yes, you know I lurk... Oooooh! What a crazy title. I have never thought of myself as a lurker. Well... I check-in once in a while. I find your blog a real treat!!!

Tereza said...

I pop in from time to time:)


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