Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Blue Day

Today I've had a blue day.  Actually, yesterday was too.
I'm not entirely sure what to put it down to.  The temperature is hot, and the humidity is really high- it's driving everyone a little mad.  The children are sleeping poorly (what else is new?), and so am I.  So I'm tired and hot and bothered even at the start of each day.

Stuart and I have had a few "words" the last few days too.  It's unusual for us to be at odds, but it does tend to happen in transitions and this week he's been back at work.  We're all re-adjusting to a new routine, including me!  I'm finding the care of the house and children to be tedious lately, particularly in this heat.  Stuart had rehearsal this morning, and another thing on out at school this afternoon and I guess I'm just feeling lonely too.  Sometimes I long for company, and for the freedom to just GO, like he does.  He says I can, but it's much harder for me to do that, what with the children and all the responsibilities of being a Mum etc.  You know what I'm talking about...........

Anyway, this morning I thought "I am NOT going to mope around, I'm going to make a short list of goals to aim for, and make myself feel better!!!"  As Heather said once in regard to homekeeping, it's not the things we do that make us tired, it's the things we don't do.  This is true for me, so getting into some household stuff generally works, as long as I achieve some or most of my goals.  :)  Today, Praise God, I did!

I started off by tidying and cleaning the parts of the house that needed it.  Thought I'd include some photos as I rarely do, and maybe you'd like to see what my home looks like? (for those who've never visited!)....

Kitchen, dishes all done!

Our living room.  I cleaned and wiped with a little lavender all the typically dusty and cobwebby spots too, and it smells and looks fresh.

Our dining room / front room, and the view from the windows.
It's been raining on and off all day (still muggy though, it hasn't brought the humidity or temps down!), and the garden is really really green which is nice.

Our tidy playroom and a little elf playing inside one of our borrowed 
toy library toys!  He's teething his two middle top teeth and is pretty fractious, but did have some happy moments today!

The boys room.

Our bedroom.  I did a bit of work in here yesterday too, just clearing away some bits of clutter, and neatening things up.  It looks better!

Hmmm, well all I'm going to say about Saraya's room is that we're halfway through covering her schoolbooks.  I'm battling the contact and getting through it- what a job!!

I sweeped the patio and tended the chicks.
The day was looking up and I began to see some positives.  I'd had a nice phonecall with Mum too, which always cheers me up.  Boy I miss her.  :(

William and I took a long bath, and I even shaved which I hadn't done in ages, yay!

After a bit of a rest time this afternoon, the chidlren and I baked this muesli slice with chocolate on top.  It went down pretty well.

All in all, the day's been pretty good considering my blue-ness.  I have everything to be thankful for, and am really enjoying the praying over the children.  Something to get into the habit of, it's wonderful.

And blogging all this has helped, as usual, too.  :)
Singing at church tomorrow, and having a bit of "me time" tomorrow afternoon (this is going to become a Sunday afternoon ritual, hooray) which I am so looking forward to.  Only 2 days left of the holidays.  I need to make sure I give Saraya loads of cuddles in the meantime!  
Thanks for reading.


Theresa said...

Thanks for the pictures of your house I had forgotten how beautiful and simple it is.
I have to ask... "Where did you get Elijah's bed?" We have been bed hunting for Nathaniel and Elijah's bed is exactly what I want. And "how do you find it with the boys sharing a room?" Does William disturb Elijah throughout the night?

jazzy cat said...

Hey Min,

Sorry to hear you're feeling blue! I agree wholeheartedly with humidity being the bane of our lives!!!! It just saps you of energy doesn't it! I really felt it as soon as I stepped out of the plane Friday night - hit me like a wet mop! And I've had trouble doing anything but mope around under fans ever since - even though our place is FILTHY (Min - your place is amazingly SPOTLESS I wouldn't worry on the home tidiness front!!!).
Anyway, I hope your Sunday 'me time' does alot with helping drive those blues away. "You" time is so important for regrouping and recharging - and I imagine even more so with children! Hope those migraines, sleep disturbances and mopey moddos vanish in the coming week - along with the dreaded humidity!!! xxj

Cathy said...

My dear friend,
Consider this comment a big hug!!!!

I agree with jazzy cat; your home always emanates (sp?) peace and beauty - you're an amazing homemaker - and I could take a few lessons from you in this regard:)
Good on you for achieving your goals; you're an inspiration!

Renata said...

Your house is beautiful!! I absolutely adore the floors & what a lovely job you have done in decorating!! Glad your blues got better - I think I should take a lesson from you in deciding to make the most of my day whenever I'm feeling down.

Tereza said...

I loved this post. Your home is so tidy, clean and inviting! It's's all the things undone that often make us tired. I'll have to remember that!

Heather said...


I don't know how I missed this post! I just wanted to say that I love your house. It always looks so spacious and bright and pretty, and I adore your beautiful wood floors.

I also want to ask what a muesli slice is? Obviously a cake of some sort...

This reminds me of the time when Renata talked about a cleaning solution recipe that had "washing up liquid" in it. I had no idea what she was talking about. I thought, "Hmmmmmm. Does she mean hand soap?"

Isn't it funny how there can still be a language barrier between two English-speaking countries?


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