Monday, January 19, 2009

Renovation Rescue!

First up............. our flowering and fruiting lemon tree!  There must be 100 lemons on it at various stages of development, and more flowers yet!  

The basket of tomatoes I picked the night I returned from Brisbane last week.

I got Elijah to stand by the corn so you could see how tall it is! 2 or 3 cobs on each plant.

I also said that today I would show photos of our other grass-growing vegie patch (having a new baby makes me very talented at growing grass...... yes, I know he is nearly 8 months old but I'm only just starting to catch up again! Plus it's been hot.).  

So....... the vegie patch is no longer.  This little garden gnome demolished it.  Hooray!!!  It was very old and the wood was all rotting; the patch itself had been built too high and large to properly access the middle of it; and it was just time for a little re-landscaping.  Just look at all that grass! :(

Before and after

The new garden will grow our transplanted rosemary bush (still praying it survives!- we could be bottling up a lot of dried rosemary!), some Buddleias (known as "butterfly bush" for the lovely fragrant butterfly-attracting flowers), some edging rockery type plants, and a hedge of "mock orange" plants (Murrayas) running right along our side fence line all the way to the chicken coup.
Stuart worked so hard removing all the straggly stuff, some dying roses, and an arbour, and built a whole new garden.  He is wonderful!

Before and after (the birdbath is now in our front garden and the ladder in with the chickens)

I'm amazed at the improvement all this has already made.  So happy. :)
I've got the mock oranges sitting ready to put in, maybe this afternoon.  I was up planting Buddleias at 6am this morning, in the cool of the dawn.  ;)  The garden is almost all mulched (we ran out of straw), and Stuart is bringing home some rocks for edging after work today.

It's nice to sit and dream of how it will all look one day, when everything grows.  I love gardening!


Linda said...

It looks good.

Croydon Park said...

So, if you can get Stu to come around about 8 o'çlock on Saturday I'll be ready and he can help me with my garden too...

Oh... can't make it huh?


Copland said...

Whoops...ok, so that post was supposed to be from me, not the church - my bad!

Renata said...

Just look at all that lovely green grass & how big & beautiful the plants look ... I'm soil jealous right about now! I do miss the south east Qld soil - esp at the moment when it's dry & dusty here!


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