Monday, January 19, 2009

Growing food closer to home.....

2 posts in one day!  That's got to be a first.....

Well, this is just a quick one.  You'll notice this icon has appeared along the left-hand side of my blog.  Click on it to visit these guys and be inspired.  They live on a smallish block in the middle of the city in California, and are virtually self-sufficient.  Their gardens are amazing.  I've just spent an hour or so exploring their website and feel ready to go plough up some more soil!!  Oh, and we're getting some new chicks tomorrow so will no doubt have some photos to post tomorrow night.........  I'm amazed Saraya got to sleep, she is SO excited!

1 comment:

Copland said...

Cheers for the recommendation!

I'll check them out soon. Hope the new chick are all good.


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