Thursday, January 29, 2009

One proud Mamma!

1 Corinthians 1:30-31  "Let him who boasts, boast in the Lord".

Well, today I'm boasting in the Lord.  I'm feeling ever so thankful for the beautiful girl that is Saraya!!

Here is some photos I took on Tuesday, her first day of Year 2.  Isn't she gorgeous?  (oh, and Elijah too :))  I did a little photo shoot in front of our lavender bushes, which is the same spot we used last year on the first day of school- and I may just make a tradition of it!  Saraya is settling in really well this week.  She is loving Mr Bentley as a teacher and comes home each day with something new to rave about.........  "Mr Bentley says we can take a toy to school the whole first week!" (hence Kahn is in these pictures, yes he went along too ;)), "Mr Bentley keeps music playing in the classroom- it's lovely",  "Mr Bentley says we can take off our shoes and just wear our socks while we do our work!",  and "We don't have any homework this whole week!".   So it goes on.  I'm just happy she's so happy!   She's seated right near two of her good friends, and aside from wanting me to walk her in each morning and stay for a few minutes, she's settling in so well.

Then there's Wizard of Oz.  She's had two rehearsals so far, and is LOVING it!!!!!  Some nights she cries (real tears) because it's "so long" until the next rehearsal!  Oh, dear- I remember doing the same as a little girl. :)  Yes, she does take after me in that regard.  Yesterday I sat in the audience of the theatre with Elijah and Will, and watched this cute little girl with curly blonde hair flying, thinking "I can't believe that's really MY girl!!!"  I am so proud of her!  She is overcoming the obstacle of shyness in a way I admire and respect.  She is now not only thinking "I really want to give that a try", but she's thinking it then going for it.  Ahhhh.  Then comes the sweet bliss of realising that truly, "I CAN do all things through Christ who strengthens me!!"  Saraya is loving this verse this week, as am I.

Go Saraya!!!  I love watching you grow, and I'm so glad to be your Mamma!


Anonymous said...

Dearest Min, I have just had a wonderful time reading your last few blogs!! I really do miss being part of your everyday life and these posts make me feel a bit closer to it all. It is nice to see you are so much happier this week!! Love always. Mum

rebecca said...

You're such a sweet mama Saminda. I love reading your posts.



jazzy cat said...

I see quite abit of you in Saraya Min - not just the musical leanings - but the photos!

Cathy said...

Saraya certainly is blossoming this year, isn't she! We gave her a high five for you this morning after seeing her get off the bus - there were no problems and she actually had this very pleased, grown-up kind of grin in her eyes as well as her across her face:)
No wonder you're so proud of her!


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