Monday, January 12, 2009


Well, today William and I are off on an adventure.  We are catching the Tilt Train to Brisbane, and late this afternoon I am having an MRI scan to see if we can get to the bottom of my migraines and prolonged "flashing lights".  Tomorrow morning I'm back at the neurologist to get the results, after staying with Mum tonight.

I'm looking forward to getting the all-clear (unless of course I don't, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it), and to having an evening with Mum and Ray.

But I'm really going to miss Stu and the children, even if it is only for 1 night.  And a 3 1/2 hour train-ride with a baby who I know is only going to want to get down and crawl around, and wriggle and grab everything within reach...... well, I hope we have someone understanding in the seat next to us!

And as for the MRI, well - I just wish they wouldn't keep running through the safety questions and asking "Now, are you sure you aren't claustrophobic at all?  Because we do offer a slight sedative; it can be very confronting to some people."  I've assured them I'll be fine, but now I'm wondering if I should have gone for the sedative!  40 minutes in a tunnel with a contraption attached to my head "which makes a noise like a jackhammer, but don't worry, we'll give you earplugs to wear"..... it doesn't sound like fun and games to me.   :(  I would really appreciate your prayers today, for the train journey there and home again tomorrow, and for my time in "the tunnel".  Thanks.  :)

Thankyou my friends for leaving me some kind words at my "Please leave a comment" post!!  If you haven't done so, and would like to, please click here.

See you all in a couple of days.


Heather said...

Saminda, I'm saying some prayers for you right now. Hope all goes well. Post an update as soon as you're able. God bless you!

jazzy cat said...

Hope all goes well Min! You do adjust to the 'tunnel' after a short time. I'm you'll be fine and it will be good no doubt to have some resolution about your migraine problem xxjen


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