Saturday, January 3, 2009

A day with cousins

The weather has cooled down. Hooray!! The rains have started, and we are all feeling much more comfortable.

Mum and Ray are visiting, so I am very happy. :) Yesterday we traveled up north to Bargara to visit with Ray's son Jeff, his wife Jed and two little daughters. We hadn't seen them in 3 years, and the children were all excited to get together with cousins!

Saraya was intrigued by the Nintendo.........

All the kids started dressing up, and ELijah made a very handsome cowboy!

Jed's house was beautifully decorated.  She happens to be a primary school music teacher, has a passion for music and had some interesting musical items around the place- including a beautiful harp!  I fell in love with these amazing paintings; I could almost hear the jazz music pouring out of them......

This is my new favourite photo of William.  It's him at his finest - surrounded by toys and other children to watch and try hard to get to!  He'll be crawling soon.

You can't beat a spontaneous cubby-building time with dining chairs and blankets!  The kids all got on so well, we'll definitely have to get together again soon.


Maus said...

your little ones and cousin are so cute!
happy new year saminda!

jazzy cat said...

Hey Min,

Thanks so much for the cookery book - good choice with the chocolate :-)

Unfortunately I can't post yours, thought I might have the chance to give it to you - so I'll send a 'Happy New Year' present in a bit instead :-)

Sounds like you've had a lovely holiday and Christmas! Keep cool!!!!


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