Friday, January 16, 2009

Some good news and some bad news - by William.

Well, finally Mamma agreed to let me have a go typing on the keyboard.  She thinks I'm just bashing around, hitting random keys and enjoying the clinking sounds I'm making.  Ha!  Adults always underestimate what babies can do.........

So, it's William here.  I thought I'd tell you all about our night last night; since Mamma seems to enjoy writing about my sleep patterns so much, I thought I'd do the same.  
Well to start with, things are changing around here.  I used to be offered the breast pretty much whenever I was feeling fussy, which can be a lot of the time.  You know, it's hard being a baby!  If I was hungry, I'd have a long feed, if I was thirsty or just mucking around, I'd suck for a bit until I felt better.  But do you know, Mamma isn't offering me the breast as much this week?  I think yesterday I only had it every 4 or 5 hours!!  Maybe even less!  That's a long wait in between. :( She's tried to give me this funny-tasting milk in a bottle, but I postively refuse to drink that - what a humiliation!!  I'm doing all right though, I do get fed plenty of other foods, plus water from a cup (though I really prefer a glass- I like the way my teeth sound when I
 bite on the edge of it)...... and I've just learned how to crawl around the room a bit, so I keep pretty busy trying to get to objects people put a few feet away from me.  Why is it they always do that?

Mamma seems to be getting a bit desperate lately.  I've heard her talking to Papa, and boy she can get emotional.  What's the big deal about being woken up every hour or two?  The night just seems to go on for so long.......... a boy just needs some attention, some cuddles, some breastmilk - you know what I'm saying?  Anyway, I thought I'd TRY to put more effort in, just to keep the peace.  And Mamma is pretty good to me, so it's the least I can do to try to make things a little easier for her.  Last night I did really well.  I'd take all the credit, but I have the feeling some people might have been praying for me to sleep better too.  Oh, and then there's the fact that I was exhausted.  Mamma thinks she's tired?  Well, maybe she was getting her 
revenge on me or something because she kept me up SO LATE last night!  She and Papa just couldn't get enough of playing with me, jiggling me around playing baby games, singing, rolling me around on the rug, holding me upright (did you know I can stand up?- with a teensy bit of help) for seemingly hours on end.  Phew!  By the time I actually got into my cot, I was had it.  So, I slept for more than 3 hours without waking anyone up.  Mamma seemed pretty happy about this when she came in at 12:30am.  She even gave me a kiss, and  a breastfeed.  Ah, that sweet milk!  So good.
I was so relaxed that I slept again, sprawled out next to my Mamma - until 5am!  Am I good or what?  I had a bit more milk then, and slept until just before 6 when all the birds were making such a racket I just had to get up.  So Mamma did too.

That there was all the good news.  I gave Mamma the best night's sleep she's had in ages.
But um, here's the not so good news.  It's kind-of funny, if you keep a sense of humour about it....

At 4am Mamma woke up.  I know because I opened one eye and could hear her whispering to Papa.  Do you know what?  There was a mouse inside the wall.  It was nibbling on some wood or something, sharpening it's teeth and making more noise than you could imagine!  Mamma didn't sound impressed, and next thing Papa was up fiddling around, tapping on the wall trying to make it be quiet.  Ha!  At least it wasn't ME waking them up!  I might get extra cuddles today (if Mamma's not too cranky about the mouse...)
Everyone seemed settled again, back in bed, until a funny beeping noise started in the living room.  They were up AGAIN (can't a boy get any sleep around here?), and I think Papa took the battery out of the smoke detector because it was going flat and beeping.  Beeping loudly, at 4 in the morning!!  So, the one night I'm not waking them, a mouse and a smoke detector conspire together to prevent my Mamma from sleeping.  Oh dear.  I heard her tell Papa this morning that she never went back to sleep after that mouse started nibbling.  First the mouse, then the beeping, then Elijah came in for a cuddle at around 5am, then I woke up.......... kind-of makes you feel sorry for her, doesn't it? 

Anyway, this has been fun.  I'd like to include a photo of me, just for your enjoyment.  What do you think of my two little teeth?  Pretty cute hey!  Thanks for reading, folks!  

Until next time,  


Anonymous said...

C'mon mate, give your mum a break!
Your buddy ELTON XX

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm - good for you William. Smoke detectors are so over rated aren't they - until you get a fire - but I mean how often is that going to happen? As for the mouse, a nice little trap might be just what he needs!!!
Dear Saminda - do not give up!! Be strong and courageous, the Lord of the ages, holds all the little ones safe....
Love ya - am still praying for some sleep - will keep praying even if William sleeps better - you ONLY have 7 years to catch up on!! Helen

tom said...

Good job William! We love your sense of humour (I just read out to Aunty Chrissy). Now remember when you are feeling deprived that Mama really needs the sleep to get rid of her headaches...pray for patience and perseverance! Love Aunty Wendy

Renata said...

Well done sleeping so well Will. What a shame about the mouse. I'm sure the batteries in smoke alarms are programed go low at the worst possible time.

Anonymous said...

Hey Saminda
That was a really entertaining read. Sorry things have been rough on you. Sleeps overrated isn't it??? No, not really. RJ still hops in our bed at around 12am and I hardly sleep whether its because he's with me and I don't have room to stretch out or because he's touching me, normally welcomed, but an accidental finger up the nose at two in the morning tends to be like a red flag at a bull!!! I've tried putting him back into his own bed which sometimes works and other times I just bring him back due to very loud tears or I give in because I figure that it won't be long and I won't have anyone visiting me in the middle of the night. Good on you for setting ground rules early. Hope you get some sleep and the energy that comes with soon.

Tereza said...

That was just way cute!!!


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