Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hoilday "school" & a new dress

I thought I'd share photos of Saraya's new dress.  I bought this one off Ebay and managed to wrap it small enough to fit inside her Christmas stocking. :)  It's very Victorian.  I absolutely love it.  We have a friend getting married this year, so at least one of us has a wedding outfit sorted!

I just love the back!!

Well, with the holidays winding down and Stuart spending a lot of time either at Wizard of Oz rehearsals or out at school getting ready for the new term......... the kids and I are together, looking for new projects to work on.  We've been busy in the garden (more on that later in the week!), and finding things to do inside through the heat of the day too.
Yesterday Saraya found one of her unfinished workbooks from Year 1 and decided to do some work in it.  Elijah was given a Preschool workbook for Christmas from his Aunty, so he was up at the table working away too.

Later in the day they both played with the playdough we had made together that morning.  A batch of blue and a batch of pink....... and well, for sure we'll wind up with a batch of purple. :)


Theresa said...

Saminda that is a lovely dress you have managed to find, Saraya looks like a princess in the dress.

Heather said...

Min, that dress is gorgeous! I absolutely love it. I'm assuming it's handmade, right? Adorable.


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