Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday ramblings

The most amazing thing just happened.  William was tired and ready for a nap.  I took him into his room, put him in his cot, left the room, and ........ he went to sleep.  !!!!!!!!  No crying, no whimpering, not a single solitary peep.

This may not sound like huge news, but it is for us!  With the first two children, I was happy to breastfeed them to sleep.  With Will, it has been harder- mostly because of the needs of the other children, and my health needs too.  Part of our goals to help me sleep better have been to slowly cut back William's feeds (he's still a big feeder!), and gradually teach him to self-settle and sleep through the night (or at least, mostly).  I've been giving him his milk during his awake time, when he asks for it.  Trying him on more solids too.  Then, I wait until I KNOW he is really sleepy (not just when I want him to take a nap!  feeding babies to sleep always works like a sedative but they're not necessarily really tired, and tend to wake more quickly) and we head into his bedroom.  We close the door, turn on the fan, and close the curtains.  I talk softly to him about how tired he is, and how it is time to go to sleep now.  We have a cuddle, then I give him one of his soft little teddies to cuddle, and lay him down in his cot.  Until today, he has always cried a little - either as soon as I put him down, or after a few minutes of playing.  I would then go in after 3 or 4 minutes, pick him up for a quick cuddle, and put him down again.  He would cry again, I would go, wait, come back, cuddle, put him down etc.  The number of times I've had to go in have become fewer.  He has basically always fallen asleep in my arms though, during that quick cuddle as he is so tired!  But today- he fell asleep on his mattress!!!!!  I'm amazed and thrilled.  Not just because of the load it takes off me, but for the contentment and understanding he must have to do that with no tears.  Praise God. :) 

Other bits of news.....

Stuart has been back at work this week, so it's just been the children and I again.  We've been busy playing with the chicks, doing the household stuff, preparing for Chloe's birthday party yesterday, gardening, buying Saraya's schoolbooks and stationary, etc . etc.   I miss Stu so much, it's strange not having him here during the day with me now.  Night times are great though! And he's getting home earlier than during term.  We've watched a few movies together lately.  On to covering & labelling schoolbooks tonight........

In the last week or so, Saraya has started latch-hooking.  She got a little kit from Aunty Chrissy for her birthday, and after working out how to do it she's right into it!  I used to do cross-stitching when I was little, and it's nice to see her learning a craft too.

Last night after the party Saraya slept over at Chloe's house.  This was her first sleepover at a friend's place, so very exciting!  It's been strange not having her home today (they've been playing all day); it's been just the boys and I.  Elijah and I have had fun playing Little People after I did the housework, washing, chicks, etc.  He's watching Spot at the moment while Will naps.

It's funny, I already miss Saraya.  It's always so strange after holidays, having her go back to school.  She's nervous and excited about starting year 2.  Amazing that Gary (Chloe's father, husband of my friend Cathy) will be her teacher- I'm so happy about that!  Nice to know she'll have such an experienced and kind Christian teacher, not to mention family friend.  :)

We're having an Australia day BBQ here on Monday afternoon, complete with Aussie games courtesy of Stuart!  Should be fun.  I need to be really organised, as that's the day before school goes back.  Thursday afternoon Saraya starts swimming lessons, and Wednesday after school will be her 2nd rehearsal for Wizard of Oz.  Have I mentioned that Saraya has joined the cast of munchkins?  The director Tracy asked her if she would like to, as she's often along to rehersals with Stuart and was learning all the songs and choreo anyway!!  She has been tremendously excited about it, measured up for costuming, and had her first rehearsal yesterday.  It's going to do such wonderful things for her shyness; I'm actually amazed to see her out there on the stage with all the children.  It's funny - I've become the stage Mum now!  How strange.  It was always me on the stage, and now it's my little girl.  And my husband.  It really is a dream come true!  Stu said recently that this is our thing, the thing our family will do together.  Thankyou God for bringing us together, and that we can share the same passions and interests as a family!

Photos of the big stars to come, I promise.......

Elijah has just come out, so I'm off to make afternoon tea.  Happy Thursday everyone.  :)

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jenb said...

Good on Saraya for giving it a go, hope she really enjoys the experience. I used to love being involved in musicals, maybe one day again.


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