Monday, November 2, 2009

A Discovery

With the car gone with Stuart to work this morning, the children and I had a full day at home. I packed, cleaned, cooked, washed, and read to and played with the little ones. Who, may I say, have been more content to play imaginative and independent games since I have packed all their belongings in boxes than ever before! They've always been creative players - but still, sometimes 'looking' for things to do. Not so at the moment, even with very few resources to call on. Very very interesting. I am enjoying seeing what they are coming up with!

Like this game of "mountain world" which consisted of draping blankets (from the blanket box which will be moved as is, full of blankets) over small boxes and our tiny stools, climbing on them, and making mountain homes for the 10 large plastic bugs we have borrowed from the Toy Library.

Will has had a lovely few days following the antics of his big brother and sister, though is still feeling pretty miserable with his cold. Sleep has been a bit elusive...... I'm praying he'll get better quickly.

Elijah discovered a small collection of dominoes which Stu dug up out of our window seat yesterday afternoon. He spent an hour or so playing with those this morning.

Colouring-in sheets printed off the internet are proving a popular activity at the moment too. Our pencils / pens are all still accessible, of course! They're packed in a basket along with blank paper, and all our homeschooling resources.

But our great Discovery of the day was this.

Saraya found a Lord of the Rings 500 piece jigsaw puzzle in one of our bags of stuff for charity, and claimed she wanted to keep it and put it together. Admittedly I said she was too little, and it would be too difficult, and I'm so hopeless at puzzles I wouldn't be able to help her (true) - but to her credit, she was adamant she wanted to try. So. She did.

And she wins! She has the jigsaw puzzle eye for detail - and was probably half-way there by the end of the day. A few sections were already done in the box from when Stu started the puzzle years back; she worked out how they all went together and set about adding to them at lightening pace.
So, a new discovery about one of my children - my daughter is gifted at puzzles! And she most certainly didn't inherit that from me!!

Isn't life grand?
Every day brings something new to love and be thankful for.


Ann at eightacresofeden said...

My twin girls also have an eye for detail and can put together puzzles designed for children a lot older. They work together too! I discovered this when I bought a jigsaw map of the British Isles at a garage sale for a dollar, it was meant to be for the older children but the girls claimed it and have put it together so many times, it is now looking the worse for wear! They can even locate where mum was born (Liverpool) and where mum and dad were married (London). The map jigsaws are brilliant for geography lessons too!
It is amazing what we discover that children love to do and find entertaining when all the toys and stuff we think they need is packed away!

Sandra said...

I'm with you Saminda, that puzzles looks too tricky for me! Way to go Saraya.
Hope Will feels better soon, poor love.

Renata said...

She's done so well with it! I'm also hopeless at puzzles, so we haven't really got any around - maybe I should look out for one to see how the kids enjoy it.
Your packing sounds like it is progressing well! I know when we lock the toyroom (which is whenever it gets too messy) the children still have a lot of fun playing with other things! Makes me wonder if I shouldn't give them all away!
Hope your week is progressing well - the countdown sure is on for you!


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