Wednesday, November 4, 2009

More of the same.

What has been happening in our household today?

More of the same. You know, the usual stuff that's not really worth mentioning.

Except this.
Saraya and I have discovered how to keep her usually extremely knotty hair knot-free! Hooray!! We simply style it straight away after washing it (not always this extravagantly, we're just making up for lost time as Saraya has always detested having her hair done due to knots - so many new styles to try!) and keep it tied up overnight when most of the knotting used to occur. Such relief to discover this. :) Mornings used to be 'interesting'. ;)

And this.
As part of their creative freeplay yesterday morning, Saraya ended up as Elijah's teacher - and they sat and worked from one of her workbooks for over an hour. So much great learning achieved here, it was unbelievable! Made me a very happy, very busy Mama. :) Multi-age learning is so valuable and when it's child led, it's even better!

Oh, and more of this : the puzzle yesterday..........

And today:

Wow this girl is committed. I never knew that about her. But she is absolutely determined (her own words ;)) to have this puzzle completed by the time her Nanna and Grandpa arrive on Sunday. And at this rate, she will!

I was so relieved she decided her brain was hurting and she needed to go to bed, as she had said she'd like to stay up really late working on it. Apparently first thing on the agenda tomorrow is more work on the puzzle. I think I know what we'll be getting Saraya for Christmas. :) Despite all manner of moving-related exhaustion and busyness and stress, and William's cold, it's been a good week!


...they call me mommy... said...

Hi Saminda!
WOW!! Great job to your dd on the puzzle...that is sooooooo true about when the kids have less toys they come up with all sorts of things! It's awesome! :)

Say, someone gave me a link to this blog...I thought you might enjoy it. It is all different hair styles for her dd! :)


Helen said...

Hello my little treasure pot. I was roaming about through Shabby Blogs yesterday - changing my background, as I do when I get sick of the old look - and there was one there that I thought you would love. I know you're much more stable than me when it comes to your blog background, but if you wanted a break from packing and going slowly insane, check it out. It's called Lost in Austen, and it's just old books. Very cool. Anyway, love you heaps. Keep on chucking stuff into boxes (just not the kids OK - definitely Stuart!!!)

Kimmie said...

How did Monday go? I've been praying.

That is amazing on the puzzle, what great problem solving!

Her hair looks so cute all braided up.

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

Renata said...

Actually you know what - my mum used to plait our hair each night to stop the knots- but I only just remembered as I read your post - I had better start with Ellie. Since her hair is getting longer we are having that morning fight with the knots!

Linden said...

You know, I have terrible issues with my hair if I don't braid or tie it back when I'm sleeping. Thus, my Sunday morning hair is usually really kinky - Saturdays are normally the only nights when I feel up to putting ten or so braids in...
So much fun not having to deal with those annoying knots that just love to grow as you're trying to undo them.
And that puzzle looks amazing!


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