Sunday, November 8, 2009

One More Sleep!!!!

It is early on Sunday morning and as I sit here awake, emotional, apprehensive, overwhelmed and excited, the rest of my family sleeps. :) I think I'm the only one having these feelings. :) The children are doing well - obviously William is oblivious to everything, but Saraya and Elijah have said they're not feeling nervous about the move, just excited. Which is great. And Stu? Well he's just plain old exhausted. It's 4th Term after all, so even without packing late at night, sorting out a rather disastrous shed, and pulling down the chook run (why oh why didn't the new owners want it?!! It's built like fort knox and isn't exactly coming down easily! :( Any guys want to come give Stu a hand today, I know he'd appreciate it!) - he's already more than swamped with work, night and day. SO. I think he's operating on auto-pilot, just trying to hang on and survive until end of term on 5th December!

Here is our little House of Dreams back when we bought it in 2006.

And this is what our family looked like back then!

Wow. So much has happened in this home. Everyday life. Conversation. Love. Hurt. Cups of tea. Meals with friends and family. Play dates. The birth of our littlest son. Special times, and challenging times, with friends who are no longer in our life. It is hard to say goodbye to this home in many ways. We are leaving a lot of memories behind.

But I understand that life is sometimes like that. It changes and evolves and we grow through the things that we go through. God's grace and love astounds me. His wisdom, and His teaching, His forgiveness, and His direction. And this verse is called to mind:

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future" Jeremiah 29:11.

I trust that. And I am in awe of it. I can't help but believe that God has had this new home waiting for us, waiting for the right time, the right moment, to take us there. I am excited to be starting a new chapter of family life in that home. I am not the same person I was when we bought our House of Dreams. My sister in law said perhaps our new one should be called "The House of Wonderful Realities!" I love what she's getting at there. And I'm hoping she's right. Even Anne and Gilbert moved on from their House of Dreams, after all. :) I understand things I never knew before. My vision is different. Our family identity is more solidified. And I can't wait to see how God can use me in this new home to bless my husband and my children and everyone who walks through our door!

And I love that when we came here, we brought two little blessings with us.

But we are taking three little blessings into our new home. Wow, God is so good!

Thank you Lord for this exciting day. Thank you for allowing our home here to sell so quickly, and for finding us the perfect new one just in time! I pray today for peace, and clarity and the endurance to get everything done. I pray that the children will be settled. I pray that Stuart will be able to get those final two metal posts out of the ground, and still have time to sort out the shed. Please be close to us today Father. I love you more than I can express, and I thank you for blessing me so abundantly!

And thank you my friends and family for all your prayers and thoughts and help leading up to this week. I couldn't do without all your encouragement! Please remember us in your prayers tomorrow as it's going to be a pretty mammoth day - Stuart is off to work and I'm here to direct removalists, look after the children (though I may have a little help with that), clean the house (praying all the while that settlement goes through successfully!!), pick up the keys, fly over to the new house, direct removalists again........... and remember to keep breathing! I am seriously looking forward to tomorrow night!! I am so thankful Mum and Ray arrive tonight to be here with me tomorrow. I absolutely need their support!

We may be without internet for a few days so I'll post as soon as I can, hopefully later in the week. Until then, blessings everyone! xo


Sandra said...

All the best for a very big couple of days! It will be worth it all but I hope no one loses any hair over it! Congratulations again on your new home!

Renata said...

Saminda - I am so excited for you, but also so pleased your mum & hubby are there to help - what a full day you have tomorrow. Will pray for you - that all goes smoothly. Wish we could come & help. Looking forward to "seeing" your new home.(Oh & I like what your SIL said - I can relate as well!)
God bless
Renata :)

AmFriend said...

Busy days ahead, blessings will be realized and a place to create new memories will be yours. Hope all goes well with moving, unpacking, and settling in. Praying for a smooth transition. Looking forward to your next post from the "House of Wonderful Realities". Until then take care and know that many are thinking of you and yours.

Linden said...

My dear, lovely Saminda;
I rather understand what you mean, in a very odd way. I grew up only remembering my home in the woods. It was a rather run-down, love-hate, waging war while loving it log cabin. While we didn't move, exactly, we tore it down, lived a very interesting year, and rebuilt our home. All that felt basically like moving to a completely new home, all the while living on the same piece of land and still having 'moving' boxes of things. ^_^
Then, this autumn, I have come to school. That was a move completely across country for at least four years. I've had to get so many things that I hadn't even thought of - kitchen things, and other house-hold items that make me feel much like I've set up my own home here. And now I'm contemplating getting one of the college apartments with a few of my friends for next year.
Things always pile and get stressful at the end, it seems. But I'm praying for you here, and I know that God is right there with you as you move and over-see everything. And the fifth of December is only five weeks away! (It's my birthday, that's the only way I know!) Your family has changed, you have changed. That's the point of life, fluid change, so small you don't notice it from day to day, but even so, the changes are there. It is the House of Dreams... you dreamt it, and you dreamt in it. And I pray that your new home will be the realisation of the dreams from the old house.
I am praying, and hoping, and holding all of you close in my heart. I can't wait to hear more from you soon!

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

I just love what you expressed about moving on and your new home in this post. Having been through several moves, home to home and country to country I know what you are going through. Your little house of dreams will always hold a special place in your heart, especially when you have birthed at home but now you are turning the page and a new chapter begins... all the best books get more exciting the further you get into them - the best is yet to come!

...they call me mommy... said...

What a great post! HAPPY MOVING DAY! Bittersweet but exciting at the same time!!

God is so good! "See" you in your new home! :)

Blessings, Saminda!

Heather said...

It's finally here! I hope everything goes smoothly for you today (yesterday?) Your new home is so lovely, and I know your family will make so many happy memories there. Congrats!

Sandra said...

Hope the moves gone well. Congratulations you're the winner of the lighting contest! I'm sure your new home might need an extra light...

Rebecca J said...

Dear Saminda,

I hope all went well! Moving day is always so busy. Somehow there is always just one more box to pack!

Looking forward to seeing you and your precious family in your new home.


jazzy cat said...

Keeping checking to see if there has been a new post showing us how wonderful this new reality is! Look forward to hearing all about it and thinking of you all through this terribly busy, yet exciting, time! xx


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