Friday, November 27, 2009


Today Stuart took his Prep kids to Underwater World for their end of year excursion.

Today the kids and I enjoyed a visit from my old neighbour in town, Jane and her two boys. SO nice to catch up with them, talk about Wicked, play with lego, build castles with boxes, catch baby frogs at the dam....... and drink tea. And talk. :)

And today I have thought about little else than this. Cameron Mackintosh is currently producing and casting the Australian production of Mary Poppins, and as yet still hasn't found anyone to play the role of Mary. So. After running auditions in Sydney and Melbourne, they may continue auditions soon in Perth and in Brisbane. Brisbane is just 3 hours south of here, and if they hold them - I've decided to go. Because I just can't stop thinking about the possibility!!! Can you imagine?! Even just the experience of the audition would be amazing for me.

In the meantime, the producers have asked Australian sopranos out there who are between 25 and 30, and are interested in the role, to post audition videos on Youtube. Yeah, I'm going to do that too. Tomorrow morning. Eeeeek!! Scary but exhilarating, all at once!

And here is a little clip for you of the vocal group I am in - we recorded ourselves at our Wednesday night rehearsal this week and Kurt (male soloist in this video) has put it together today. This song is Seasons of Love from the musical Rent. We sang it recently at the LAD Dance Concert.

Life has been busy this week, but full of music which for me always equals happiness. :)


Sandra said...

Ooooh! Very exciting! I think it would be a great experience to audition. The show sounds like lots of fun. And you already know lots about Mary Poppins...

Sandra said...

Oh and the singing was magic! That was truly beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

AmFriend said...

What a lovely today for you.

Today (really yesterday now) I found out I was going to be blessed with another niece or nephew come July 2010 :)!

Oh I SO think you should go audition if they come close enough. Loved your vocal groups singing. Truly enjoyable and heartwarming.

jazzy cat said...

I just watched that video Min - Oh my goodness how spectacular! So rich and so well your voices do blend! Sounds so professional and just so enchanting!! I want to see Rent now!
Go for it Min - Mary is yours ;-) but I'm alittle biased! Look forward to seeing another video of you singing on youtube..please do post a link!!

Saminda said...

Thanks so much Jen, it is a great group to be part of. We have a lot of fun! :)
Rent is - interesting. :| Seasons of Love is the opening of the movie, and in my opinion the best part! From there it goes downhill into a pretty grim world of drugs and depression... we didn't actually make it through the whole thing. But let me know what you think, if you watch it!
Hey did you know they've turned The Little Mermaid into a broadway musical now? I remember how much you always loved it when we were kids. :) xo

jazzy cat said...

Get out of here Min - The little Mermaid the Musical! Woohoo!....but now the big question, will it come to little ole Brissie?! I'll keep you posted on where's that youtube link :-P

Trina said...

Saminda... WOW!! That is awesome.. what an experience... I wish you all the best... keep us posted... :)

Renata said...

Oh you should definitely audition - how exciting! Sorry I'm not a face booker so couldn't get into your link, but I bet it sounds gorgous!


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