Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hot Enough

Yesterday afternoon our family decided it was suitably uncomfortable and down right hot enough to put up the Christmas tree.

Yes, we may still enjoy singing about sleigh rides and jingling bells and roasting chestnuts..... but the reality of Christmas in sunny Queensland is rather different. :) Swimming at the pool, hopping over the scorching sand at the beach to avoid getting burnt feet, air conditioning, wearing very little and basically just trying anything to keep cool!

Stuart took a break from his hectic weekend of report card writing and video editing (he makes a movie every year with his Prep class - it's premiere is this afternoon so last minute detailing was taking place) and we decked the halls!!

Well, the living room at least.

The children's faces were filled with delight as always.

Even Will was helpful in putting up the tree. :) The older two decided he should have the honour of putting the star on top this year, since he'd never done so before.

We all feasted on the cookies the kids and I baked yesterday morning.

Now if we can just convince Will to leave the tree alone, we can all relax and enjoy the beginnings of the festive season!!

We even got real rain last night after about 6 months of drought - it was absolutely divine. We all stood on the verandah and watched the sky flash and soaked in the moist air. Thank you Lord, please send some more!!


Ann at eightacresofeden said...

I know the feeling Saminda - it has been so hot here too, yesterday it was 42 degrees - too hot for Christmas tree lights to be turned on and our air conditioning is broken! I am feeling the heat thanks to my extra insulation provided by this baby who I am hoping will make an appearance in time for Christmas. The possibility of a Christmas day baby is exciting but I am not sure that I want to be in hospital on Christmas day! I have just written up my draft on decorating the tree for my Christmas blog and mentioned my aversion to tinsel - I see your children love it though - I think mine is due to my dad who used to place tinsel around the television set when we were kids!

AmFriend said...

Ah, you can send some of your heat this way. We are expecting snow tonight and the predicted high next Monday is -5 degrees Fahrenheit. YUCK!!

Love the photos of the fam decorating the new abode for your 1st Christmas there.

Cop Mama said...

Oh, I am so jealous. We woke up to a coating of snow yesterday!

Renata said...

So happy you guys got some rain! I think we'd feel strange if we ever had to experience a winter christmas - it's just not the same without the heat & air conditioning & swimming. Glad you could get your decos up - we're doing ours this evening. Stuart does look tired there - not long to go - I imagine being married to a teacher you have an extra reason to look forward to the holidays!!
Renata :)


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