Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Beautiful Moments

Life is so full of beautiful moments. I've had a blessed few days with my Mum visiting.

She brought a puppy dog cake, it was adorable!

The children planted a daisy plant into the front garden yesterday morning, all by themselves.

And I had the special honour of spending last Sunday afternoon at a high tea, as part of my town's annual "Mary Poppins" festival. Maryborough is the birth place of Mary Poppins author P L Travers, and our special guest at this year's festival was Verity Hunt-Ballard, star of the current Mary Poppins musical in Sydney!!

I sung a solo piece at the high tea, and the singing group I'm part of ("The Sisters") sung two songs as well. Singing for Verity was a little overwhelming to say the least!

But she was incredibly down to earth, friendly and encouraging. :) And she happily signed a poster for my three children. She shared her musical theatre journey with the 100 or so people who attended the high tea and it was a wonderful afternoon.


Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Did your mum make that cake Saminda? You are right, it is adorable!
I bet you are hoping Mary Poppins comes to Brisbane. I would be tempted to go if it was but which children to take? All my girls would want to go!

Natalie at Maple Leaf Circle said...

What a precious cake! I enjoyed reading your post this evening!

Smilie girl said...

Gorgeous cake!
What a wonderful treat to meet Verity and hear of her experiences. Fabulous.
My boys are hoping the show comes to town here one day.

Helen said...

Yeah right Min - "poster for the children" - you've probably got it on your wall in your bedroom, just like I had Michael Jacksons (oops did I say that out loud.....) Wonder how long it will be until she has your poster on her bedroom wall......I'm telling you now, I want one and I want it signed please......hehe, love ya!!!!

Renata said...

Oh wow - love the cake! How much fun that high tea sounds & I'm sure you sang beautifully!
Hope you're having a wonderful week
Love to you


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