Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Home Tour - Back Garden

Hmmm, not too many photos to show you unfortunately! A few I took the other day are 'up and down' shots, and I can't seem to get them to upload the right way up! They're all on their side.

But here are two little glimpses for you of my back garden.

Just the right amount of grass for me to take care of. Lots of shade, shrubbery and a nice garden wall. Oh, and a climbing tree! And swings. :) I hope to add a sandpit and cubby house at some stage.

Until then, the children have claimed the old (though freshly painted) shed/garage as their Clubhouse, and have spent many hours adventuring out there. Not sure what the adventuring entails, but they always come inside completely grubby and exhausted so it must be fun!

Probably the most exciting thing about our back garden is that right in the back corner is a big mound of dirt. The children put on their 'work boots' this morning, took up their gardening tools and went digging for treasure. :) I swear it must have been the resident's rubbish heap 50 years ago - they have found all manner of bottle tops and miniature glass bottles, tiny chipped pieces of china plates (which Saraya is painstakingly piecing back together) and who knows what else. Each item gets doted over and discussed as to it's identity- then gets a wash under the garden tap, and placed in the special 'collection box' they are using to present their finds. Filled in the entire morning today!

And after all that treasure hunting and pancakes and baths to freshen up, the back yard archaeologists enjoyed some cosy time indoors watching a movie. It is winter after all! A lovely Sunday.


Jen's Busy Days said...

I live in an old house, almost 100 years old, and we are digging up garden beds in the backyard. I have found some amazing "rubbish". Old plastic bags of frozen peas in ounces, old stockings, old pegs, broken crockery and lots of glass.

It is fun and my little treasures (I love the broken crockery too) go on the mantlepiece. Just warn them to be careful of the glass. It is everywhere in my "heap".

Enjoy your home,
Jen in NSW

AmFriend said...

What a fun little back garden area. Plenty to do, but not too much to take care of. Love the photo of your kiddos on the couch. What a delight they are and they are your treasures.

Renata said...

Oh these pictures make me home sick for Queensland - it's amazing but I can tell it's a SE Qld backyard just looking at it - I can almost feel the humidity in the air!! Sounds like your kids are having loads of fun! My kids also love digging for 'treasures' Dave told them they might find some gold - it kept them occupied for hours!!!
Love your home!


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