Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Home Tour - My Sanctuary

My bedroom really is my sanctuary. I am now parenting on my own 5 days each week and it is exhausting at times. I love having my own space I can retreat to. I really love this big airy room. There are no curtains, and a street lamp right outside, so it's pretty bright during the night. :) But not so bad in this current winter weather with the sun rising a little later. Summer may be a different story!

And I've fallen in love with my beautiful big bay window. :) Hoping to make it even comfier with lots of cushions at some stage.

Thankful for this little sanctuary!


Ann at eightacresofeden said...

I agree Saminda a beautiful window! I also love bay windows with seats.

Christy said...

Love your sanctuary Saminda!!! Looks beautiful xoxo

Helen said...

Sigh - so gorgeous. Can see plenty of tea and books consumed there!!

Heather said...

That window is just gorgeous!

Renata said...

Oh I love that window as well - I know I'm reading this tour backwards, but I am enjoying it! Such a lovely sanctuary for you dear friend

AmFriend said...

SIMPLY GORGEOUS. I am envious of those stained glass windows and the window seat. Lucky girl!!


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