Monday, July 18, 2011

Oh my...

So tired tonight, but I simply must blog something!

I took photographs of my new home the other day, but I'm having issues loading them up. Hope to share them with you soon.

Things are going pretty well, the children have returned to school for term 3, and I am basically now all finished setting up home here. It's feeling very homey and cosy now and I feel blessed with the way God has taken care of all the little details for us.

This is a recent photo of Saraya meeting the lead from Mary Poppins, Verity Hunt-Ballard. :) As you can see she was very excited!

We lost our beautiful Molly cat this week. :( She got a paralysis tick and we didn't find out until she was in the final stages. She died at the vets just this afternoon. It has been a very sad day. I'm thankful the children are handling it all very well - they really do amaze me, they're so resilient and so understanding. My heart has broken for them today though.

That's all. Just wanted to touch base with you all and say "I'm still here"! I do still pop in on your blogs. And I'll try to blog more regularly, though I can't promise anything. ;)


Cassie said...

I am glad ya'll are getting settled and I am so sorry for ya'lls loss of a pet. :(

AmFriend said...

Hey lady. Lovely photo of Saraya and Verity. Sorry about Molly. Keeping you all in my thoughts.

Natalie at Maple Leaf Circle said...

I enjoyed reading your blog and am so sorry about your cat. Animals become a very real part of our families!

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Dear Saminda, So sorry to hear about Molly. We lost our first dog, a kelpie with a smooth coat to a paralysis tick about 6 years ago, despite being treated regularly with 'frontline.' I was pregnant with the twins at the time and so emotional. I cried for so long and could not bear to look at the empty dog bed where she died. We could not afford the vets fees who insisted on an overnight stay and upfront payment before they would treat her, so we could do nothing but keep her comfortable at home. We have since found out who are the more sympathetic vets in town but thankfully we have not needed them. Our cat is always getting ticks but seems immune to them as does our border collie which seems odd as she has longer fur and it is easy to miss ticks. I worry about my daughter's kelpie and will be reminding her to check her for ticks.
Beautiful picture of Saraya. Look forward to seeing your new home pics.

...they call me mommy... said...

Sorry about your cat, Saminda! :(


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