Thursday, May 8, 2008

Baby Blessings

My beautiful midwife Claire recently expressed her desire to organise a Blessing day for me. A little different from a traditional baby shower, it was to be a gathering of women friends showing emotional and practical support for myself and the baby prior to the birth. I felt special, and honoured and excited.

The baby blessing day was on Monday this week. It was everything I imagined it would be, though I never quite predicted the depth of emotion I would feel, surrounded by my female friends, including my Mum - all these women who have been through birth, and who love and care for me. What a morning!

We gathered in the living room and looked on as Karen threaded the beads everyone had brought for me into a bracelet. The reason each bead was chosen was explained to me. The idea is that I can now wear the bracelet while I am in labour, and remember the love and support of the women praying for me as I work. :) Love it!

While sitting in this chair, I had a foot spa, foot massage, hand massage, clay mask and facial moisturize........... and an old Celtic tradition, flowers to adorn my hair. I've never felt so pampered (or smelt so good).

Morning tea was shared out in the garden, and was a relaxing part of the morning. It was awesome to have Saraya there to share in the celebrations. She may after all be a Mother one day too, and it felt right to have her see the love surrounding me at this time......... I pray the same will be given to her when her time comes.

It was also so special to have my Mum there. Because she lives in Brisbane (3 hours from here), it took a little co-ordinating but we did it, and I'm so glad. I miss her so much right now. I always do when I'm about to have a baby! In the bottom photo I am wearing the bracelet the girls made for me. It's an eclectic collection of beads............ I really really love it! The centre bead was actually handmade by my friend Karen, and has the word Faith on it. Faith in God's love and provision, and faith that my body has the strength and know-how to birth well.

After morning tea everyone (including Saraya and her friend Chloe who was keen to join in) circled around me for a prayer time which brought me to tears. I really felt God's presence and love in my home, and I can carry that with me now right through the birth of this baby. My friend Cathy arranged for everyone's wrists to be joined with some brown leather cord while we prayed (literally, a prayer circle!) and I then cut the leather adjoining each person. This left everyone with a little leather bracelet which they are planning to keep on right up until the baby is born. This will remind them to pray for me in the coming days/weeks, and during the birth.

Woohoo!! Claire was able to adapt what was originally a North American Indian tradition and turn it into a personal, Christ-centered, wonderful wonderful morning of blessing for which I am incredibly grateful. We all have to strive to do this for anyone expecting a baby! Then again, who doesn't deserve a morning of being surrounded by loving friends and given personal support and pampering? We're thinking of blessing each other in similar ways on a regular basis, pregnancy or not!

I feel equipped and ready to have this baby.

And considering the amount of pre-labour contractions I'm having (such as an entire night of them last night), it may not be too far away. :) I'm SO tired..........

God's timing, I know. I'll be patient.


Joshua said...

Looks like it was a wonderful time. Good to see you today. We'll be praying for the soon, safe and simple arrival of Baby Fern.


jazzy cat said...

Hi Min - what a wonderful day that sounds! So special! Best wishes for the impending arrival which sounds like it couldn't be a moment too soon. You must be exhausted! Lots of love to all. Can't wait to hear some exciting news very soon!!

Heather said...

How wonderful! I wish that we had a tradition like this in the States. Here, baby showers are mainly for gifts. I think I'd rather have a day of pampering and fellowship like you.!


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