Saturday, May 3, 2008

Wrapping presents

I may be turning 28 tomorrow, but right now I feel like a little girl again!!
As I write, with chilli bubbling away on the stove for tea, the rest of my family is locked in the spare room................ and I'm NOT allowed in! Saraya has been like the police all day, telling me to stay away from that room - "Do not look through the keyhole Mamma, or you'll see all the surprises!!" Of course, I'm desperate to know what's going on in there. Stuart took the children out shopping this morning, giving me a few hours of peaceful time home alone (a rare and cherised treat), and they've all been buzzing ever since they got home. It sounds like craft happening in there...... scissors, textas dropping to the floor, etc. A creative enterprise. And all for me!
Strange things have appeared in my fridge. Something covered in a teatowel which I'm not allowed to look at. Some eggs. Half a bottle of milk? All a mystery.

I can't wait till tomorrow!!!


jazzy cat said...

Happy Birthday Min! Sounds like lots of nice surprises headed your way...and homemade too, making them all the more special. Hope you have a LOVELY day!

Tamra said...

sounds like fun!! Hope you have a great day


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