Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Birthday blessings

The 4th May 2008 began with a gourmet breakfast with a difference in the Fern household. The difference? My darling husband Stuart cooked it for me!! And this is a man who simply does not cook. And I'm not talking weetbix and toast, either. There were hot, homemade, yummy pancakes with various toppings, fresh fruit salad served in a crystal bowl with yoghurt, and fresh fruit juice made with our juicer (which admitedly I haven't used for years because it's a bit of a hassle). Beautiful!!!

Then came the presents. This one is an example of how they all looked - the brown paper, decorated with stickers galore! Hence the creative working bee of Saturday night. :)

After Church, lunch at home, rest time and a bit of cleaning up, we hit the beach in Hervey Bay for a frolic and a big walk.

Stu captures my true feelings - thankfulness and praise!!! What an awesome day it had been.

And here's a profile shot of how I really look, for anyone who hasn't seen lately. :) This baby is cooked as far as I'm concerned..... it can come anyday!

We got changed and waited outside the restaurant for my parents Mum and Ray to arrive - "Viva Italia", here we come.........

A little dark to see (our flash is currently not working), but this is me with a gigantic piece of chocolate mudcake from the cake selection counter, complete with candles. :) Another surprise courtesy of Stu. We cut it up into 6 littler pieces, and it happily became my birthday cake.

It was a gorgeous day all round. Thankyou Stu for all your incredible efforts. I love you!

Tonight or tomorrow I'll post about yesterday's day of blessings............ Baby blessings. (No, he/she hasn't been born yet :))

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