Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Pyjama Day

Today we decided to have a pyjama day.

Last night I was awake much of the night again with contractions, and both the children were a little wakeful. Stu had had a night of fun doing some gaming on the computer so he was also feeling a little sleepy this morning. It was very cold. And very very windy. We had the fireplace going by breakfast time, and none of us were keen to go anywhere! It was Sunday after all, and we HAVE been commanded to take a day of rest. :) We decided to skip church for today, and any other activity, and just have a very quiet day.

So the children were rapt when I said they could stay in their pyjamas ALL DAY. And they did.

They began the day by making a giant bed of pillows in the living room. They then proceeded to plan Elijah's birthday cake by looking through a couple of my birthday cake books. Who knows what the two of them came up with. :) I guess the orders will start coming in soon.

Lazing around and pulling silly faces.

After watching some Postman Pat, eating pumpkin soup and cheesy rolls for lunch, and a good long rest on our beds, we headed outside into the garden for afternoon tea. It was still really cold! You can see from Saraya's hair how windy it was.

We took a short walk around the block (yes, I even let the children stay in their pj's, with shoes on of course) before Saraya and Elijah had baths and got into fresh pyjamas! Stu cranked up the fire again, and we enjoyed some fresh grilled salmon and rice and vegies (......and apple crumble) for dinner before tucking our poppets into bed.

I highly recommend a pyjama day for your family sometime soon. It's relaxing and very rejuvenating....... and the children just love to be told they don't even have to get dressed or do their hair, just for once. :) (And you don't either, unless you really want to).

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