Thursday, May 1, 2008

Surprise moments

It struck me today that some of the most memorable, wonderful, want-to-bottle-it moments are completely unplanned. Sometimes I just pause in the midst of a moment and think, "This, right here, right now, is beautiful".

During our stay at Maleny, both children ended up sick by the end of the week. The last full day we were there, Saraya had fevers, sore throat, and general achyness. Stuart had taken Elijah for a drive into the town centre nearby, and Saraya and I were staying at the cabin so she could rest. It was a completely unplanned part of our holiday, but it was a really beautiful afternoon together. The two of us sat outside on the verandah, the cool breezes blowing over us, the horses grazing below in the valley. For once Saraya was very quiet, and we were just sitting there together. A family at a cabin further along the track were cooking a bbq, so the smell in the air was great........ and they were playing a relaxing music cd which was also reaching us on the wind. It was quiet, calm, and peaceful. And I was sharing all that with Saraya. I really did want to bottle it!!
And now that she's back into the routine of the school term, I keep thinking of that afternoon. I miss her, and that day. Because she was unwell, I don't know if she remembers the beauty, the shared time, the sights and smells and sounds of that afternoon, or the way I chatted to her, trying to distract her from how sick she was feeling. Does she remember that I worked hard colouring in one of the pretty fairies in her colouring book to try to cheer her up?
It doesn't really matter...... I do, and believe I always will.

Thank the Lord for the little unplanned moments which make up our lives........ and make them memorable, and meaningful. It's humbling to think we don't really have total control of everything, after all. :)

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jazzy cat said...

Okay would you believe I just had one of my own beautiful moments rights now! Just after reading your blog I went outside to collect washing and there on clothesline was a mopoke (bird). Then as I stood on verandah two flew onto branch right infront of me and I observed these beautiful nights owls for sometime before they flew off. Usually they are very timid birds who like to hide so it was a pretty special moment for me where I too reflected on how wonderful the world was and God's creatures - great and small!


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