Monday, April 28, 2008

A weekend with Nanna and Grandpa

We were blessed to have my parents up for the weekend. I do wish we lived closer, but it's great that we still see a fair bit of each other despite the 3 hour distance between us.
They arrived at lunch time on Saturday, complete with a trailer-load of lovely bits and pieces to pass onto us as they are moving house soon, and downsizing somewhat. I now finally have a nice wicker set for the back patio - afternoon teas, here we come!
Stuart and I set off later in the afternoon for Hervey Bay. We had a night ALONE together (woohoo!!) in a unit up there, dinner out, lazy Sunday morning breakfast out, long walks hand in hand ...... all that stuff we once took for granted! :) We were home by lunchtime on Sunday, so it wasn't a long getaway but great fun and rejuvinating anyway.
Needless to say, the children had a blast with their Nanna and Grandpa, who made themselves available for playtimes and bubble-blowing and book-reading galore while they were here.
AND they're back next weekend for my birthday.
I feel blessed!
And exhausted. 36 weeks and counting. :)

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Theresa said...

Well Saminda, I am glad you got the chance to getaway with Stu before the new addition arrives.

So you are 36 weeks. If you remember back a year and a half ago... I was 36wks when we found out about Nate! Miracles happen and our God IS great!


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