Sunday, April 13, 2008

Growing up

One of the joys of early childhood is friends. I can still remember the friends I had when I was little.
As my children grow, I see their friendships with others deepening...... it is beautiful to watch! Since starting school this year, Saraya has enjoyed spending extra time with her friends and when she talks about them, I can see the true affection she has for them. Could some of these friendships be the beginning of a lifelong connection? What a happy thought!

We took a big step last night, a real adventure. We had Saraya's good friend Daisy over for a sleepover!! Aside from us all being a little tired today, it was a great time for all.

The girls look a little unsure as Daisy first arrives. "What exactly do we do at a sleepover?"

Tumble on the enormous mattress, of course!

With little brother in bed, the girls get down to the serious business of colouring in. This went on for over an hour.

After colouring in, pudding, puzzles, Bible-reading by torchlight (the girls' idea), and lots and lots and lots of quiet chatting, they finally collapsed into sleep. Time for bed for me too!

Nice to have a friend for breakfast in the morning.

Must be time for some more drawing now! Chalk drawing this time.

And now morning jobs are done, how about some more colouring-in? Just for fun!

Thanks Daisy for coming to stay - we loved having you. And Karen, for letting her come!

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