Monday, April 7, 2008

My girl

Today is a home day. The first official day of the school holidays, so the four of us are together and we have been pottering at home. Stuart has continued his Prep planning on the computer here at home, the children have been playing, and I have been washing, cleaning the changetable and filling the shelves underneath with disposable and cloth nappies, bunny rugs and baby blankets. There is a gentle breeze outside, and the weather is cooling down noticably. We have a surprise happening here this afternoon....... more about that in the coming days!

As I prepare for the birth of this baby, my mind is cast back to the birth and babyhood of my other children. I felt it fitting to find some photos of them to include on the blog. So I'll start with my number one girl, my Saraya Catherine.

Lying in bed at home, just an hour or two after birth. (Saraya was born at home).

I've always loved this photo of Stu and Saraya. It was taken in Hervey Bay (a half-hour from here), just before we went to a restaurant for my birthday tea.

My little face-painted tiger (courtesy of Stuart :))

In Saraya's climbing tree at our old house. She has always been a climber! (and always had a cheeky grin.:))

Posing in one of her many beautiful dresses made by Nanna.

Saraya has always been encouraged to help me as much as she's able around the home. This was the first load of washing she ever hung all be herself - and at the tender age of 2.

Ever helpful in the kitchen too.

Ahem, now where does she get this dramatic streak from?

And the blessing of her little brother Elijah. Life doesn't get much better than this.

"Breastfeeding" and burping her baby, just like Mamma.

Saraya in Stratford Upon Avon, England. (yes, another Nanna dress - my favourite one of all).

2 beautiful ballerinas - Saraya and Chloe.

Pulling up a baby carrot from our vegie patch last Winter.

My 2 poppets by the lavender bush.

A sad day for me...... and a happy one for Saraya! Her first day of grade one at our local Christian school where her Papa teaches (thank goodness!) in the Prep room.

So Saraya, my blossom, thankyou for being who you are and being part of our family! You are a beautiful sister to Elijah, and a wonderful wonderful little daughter. You are bright and bubbly and bouncy! You are unique and a delight to all who know you.
I love how you just know yourself, and have a quiet determined streak inside you.
I am so proud of the way you are embracing your friendships and your learning, both in our community and at school.
I look forward to you sharing the birth and babyhood and childhood - and beyond - of your newest little sibling arriving soon.

This has been fun. Hope you enjoy and feel the love I have for my girl!!

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