Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Beginning

Well, this is it. My very, very first blog post. I am irrationally excited. Maybe because a good friend of mine started her blog recently, and ever since I've been inspired to get mine going. Maybe because I feel this is the beginning of something new, a new era of recording the simple little details of my life in a creative way. Maybe because I know my Mum and other far-away family members are going to get a thrill out of the regular updates on the goings-on of our household. Maybe because I love writing, and this will give me a small outlet (and excuse) to do it regularly. Or maybe it's just because I'm 32 weeks pregnant, and quite irrational in general lately!

Anyway, this is it. My blog is started, and I hope whoever comes across it gets something out of it. I myself love a peek into other people's lives............. how they do things with their home, their children, how they manage balance in their life, what they like to plant, and cook, and make. Our lives are too short and too precious not to share them with one another!

So here's a little peek into mine.


jazzy cat said...

Flaming logs, Min's joined the blogger's brigade! Glad to see you up and posting Min, will indeed be wonderful to witness your words and daily delights.

The Bentley Bunch said...

What a beautiful beginning; sure to blossom into a babbling brook of joyful memories and musings!

Winnie Woo said...

Looking forward to the updates, pics, thoughts, stories and pearls of wisdom (!?!)

the Bryant Clan said...

Will be cool to see what the Fern Family have to say in the blog!!! And I hope we'll see some pics or movies of the budding drummer Elijah doing his groove thing!!! ;P

Tereza said...

What a sweet introduction!


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