Sunday, April 13, 2008

Family Holiday

For Christmas last year, my parents gifted us with a voucher to travel to Maleny for a family holiday. It's a place I stayed at twice in my childhood, and absolutely love. The last holiday we had with the children was staying at Moreton Island 18 months ago, courtesy of Stuart's Dad - so we have lots to thank our parents for, for providing us with these little getaways!

So tomorrow we are heading to an animal farm for 5 days, and we're all feeling really excited. It will be great time away from it all, and I just love the quiet of the countryside. Today we've spent washing and packing and cleaning and preparing to leave home for the week. Saraya had a big nap this afternoon to recover from her night of fun last night, and I'm sure tomorrow morning we'll all be jumping to get going.

SO............... no more posts until next weekend! I'll miss the journalling nature of the blog while I'm away, but will make up for it next week. :)
Have a great week everyone, talk to you soon!

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jazzy cat said...

Are you back yet? Are you back yet? (hehehe) Can't wait to hear and see how the holiday was - Maleny is sooo gorgeous!


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