Friday, April 11, 2008

Things look brighter

Yesterday turned out to be another day of respite. I guess being 33 weeks pregnant, it's taking my body a while to recover from this virus. My muscles still ache everywhere! I'm thinking a good, long slow walk may help today to stretch everything out a bit. My legs currently feel like they're made of lead. We've got some jobs to do in town, so we may save petrol and walk from place to place, and all enjoy a bit of sunshine and much-needed exercise along the way.

Anyway, yesterday we stayed home (again - the children are really looking forward to an outing today!) and alongside resting, and a few other small accomplishments (like cooking the first meal I've cooked in awhile), I managed to keep the children happy and a bit productive as well. They were very helpful.

Painting little squares of white paper; we'll use these sometime to make cards or decorate birthday gifts.

Elijah has some quiet time on the computer. In this case, the Blues Clues game. Amazing what a tiny dimply hand can accomplish!

The satisfying look of complete concentration! It's serious business.


jazzy cat said...

Wow sounds like you've been laid low with a nasty lurgy, you poor thing! Nice to see supplies from friends when you are feeling most exhausted and emotional. Small things are the best aren't they! Nice to see lots of piccies of Saraya and Elijah - good lookin stamps you've got there btw! I remember cutting shapes out of potatoes as rudimentary stamps..ah those were the days ;-) Hope you get a nice day today in town and you must be on holiday up the hills soon?

Tamra said...

Hope you're feeling better. I remember getting the flu less than a week before having Catie. My only thought in the midst of a vomiting session?--"Surely Labour isn't this bad!!"

have a good time on holidays

Theresa said...

I love that you have joined the blogging revolution.
I so miss seeing you and the children and I pray that you will recover soon from your illness.I miss Cathy's Vegetable Soup too!


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