Saturday, April 19, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Well, yesterday we arrived home again. Lovely to be here; it's always nice to come home after being away, isn't it? Though I must say I miss the peacefulness and simplicity and fresh beauty of the mountains. Our holiday was wonderful......... beautiful place, lovely animals and such a great experience for the children. The family time was so nice. We've continued our restfulness since returning home, just unpacking and slowly settling back into normal home life again. The children have been unwell so we've been having lots of cuddles and quiet times. To be honest, I've enjoyed that.
Why oh why does Stuart need to go back to work on Monday? And Saraya to school? I've loved just being together and will miss them both next week! Already counting down to the winter holidays in about 10 weeks. :) And only 5 weeks until baby's arrival now too.

It's late and I'm tired so I'll just pop on a few of my most favourite pictures from our holiday. More to come!

Right from the first day Saraya was taken with the animals. These ponies and horses were literally right outside our cabin. Note the scrapbook under her arm.......... this went with her so she could stop and "draw things in". :)

I love this pensive photo of Elijah.

2 days of horseriding for Saraya. She really enjoyed this. The animal farm gives you a horse between 9 and 10am each morning, and allows you to lead your child around the farm anywhere you like. So, uphill and down dale for Stu and Saraya!

With Fred, the farm dog.

My sweet boy, proudly holding up his feed bucket. This was meant for the ducks and chooks, but the little goat in the paddock also seemed to enjoy trying to eat from Elijah's bucket. Subsequently he got knocked over a few times but was a brave little farmer! Always smiling. :)


Theresa said...

Oh how beautiful! Your holiday looked like so much fun. Hope you are feeling better with some country air in your lungs Saminda!

Helen said your Baby Blessing is soon, enjoy the time with everyone, sorry I can't make it.

jazzy cat said...

Looks like it was a great place for families with so many animals for kids to interact with! Photos indeed look beautiful and Saraya obviously has quite a creative streak with her 'scrapbook' a constant companion! Lovely!


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