Sunday, June 6, 2010

Elijah's 5th Birthday Party

"Elijah, we are going to give you a birthday party this year! Turning 5 is a very special age."

"A birthday party? With friends and games and everything?"

"Yes!!! And you get to choose what sort of party you would like, who comes, what food we serve.... everything."

"WOW Mama!!! This is my first party!!" Thinks for quite awhile...... "I want to have a Charlie and Lola party!" Then a week or so later.... "I want to have a Mary Poppins party. Yes. And you can make me a Bert cake Mama. 'Cos I want to be Bert, and wear a dressed-up shirt and a hat!"

"Um.... okay. Wow! What a great idea Elijah. All right, a Mary Poppins party it is."

And so it all began. :) The guest and food lists written, the cake baked

balloons out front

Let the party begin!!!

Great excitement as he opened a birthday gift..... a long-awaited shirt and tie! He had spotted it a few months back and loved it so I secretly bought it and hid it away. :) And it made a perfect Bert shirt!
Of course he posed for some photos in the garden. How handsome is this boy?!

This is my personal favourite!! It's just Elijah's personality shining through!

Balancing Bert........

Cutie William in his bow tie!! Didn't stay on for long but was adorable.

Grandad Fern as Admiral Boom - how impressive is this costume?!!
He even fired 2 blanks from his gun to signal the start and the end of the party - which scared the kids and got the neighbour a bit upset! :(
But oh so in character, and the men who were here thought it was pretty awesome. And Elijah loved having his Grandad here.

Mary Poppins :)

This is the stage Stu rigged up for Eiljah's present. :) He bought the frames for $5 each from a garage sale, and purchased timber to screw on top. Such an appropriate gift for him, and it got a good workout yesterday!

A little friend brought Elijah this spider in a jar - love the look on his face!!

Ruby as miniature Mary Poppins

Declan as a chimney sweep

"Jane and Michael Banks" :) (bits of costumes missing here!)

These two had everyone smiling yesterday. They have known each other since they were 6 months old, and have always had lots of theatrical fun together!

Trying out the stage! We had the soundtrack playing on repeat.
"It's a Jolly Holiday with Mary......."

And "We love to laugh, ha ha ha ha...."
Elijah insisted Stu had to dress up as the laughing Uncle Albert!

"Pavement Painting"

The kids had a great time on this swing Stu rigged up. FUN!!!

Elijah / Bert the one-man-band!

And the kids did Saraya up as well!

Afternoon tea time!! All Elijah's favourites were served.

Blowing out 5 candles.

A game of What's the time Mr Wolf?

Happy birthday beautiful little man!!
I love being your Mama, and am so proud of the confident, creative and loving little boy you are growing up to be. :D xoxoxoxo

And today (Monday) is his actual birthday, and we are taking things very easy after such a full weekend of fun!!! The children are currently watching the Mary Poppins film. :) And I've been doing lots of cleaning up from yesterday. We will read together later, Saraya will do her lessons, and I have just found out that Mum will be arriving here later this afternoon! Very exciting; she and Ray were meant to be here yesterday but were unwell. Elijah's very excited she is coming for his BBQ tea tonight. :)


AmFriend said...

Happy, happy 5th birthday Elijah. I am so glad you had such a unique, fun, creative party. Your obvious joy at the little things, such as your dress shirt and tie, is heartwarming. May you experience many more magical, healthy, musical years.

Renata said...

Happy Birthday Elijah! Your party looks like so much fun - I love the theme!! That shirt & tie are just the cutest & the picture with the hat is just adorable!
Glad you had fun & hope yesterday was fun as well - Enjoy your time with your Mum & Ray!
Have a lovely week

Jessica said...

Such a wonderful birthday party--LOVE IT!

Happy 5th birthday to your sweet little five-year-old. His facial expression upon opening that fancy shirt & tie is priceless. :)

j_lee said...

What a beautiful celebration - you have captured the special event wonderfully :) I so love the photo of Elijah opening his pressie! Definately - priceless! He is just gorgeous and he indeed has the entertaining gene. Happy Birthday Elijah! xxx

Smilie girl said...

What an amazing and wonderful way to celebrate Elijah's birthday! Sounds perfect! Happy 5th birthday Elijah!

jazzy cat said...

What a lovely shot of Birthday Bert and his Mama! Looks like a fabulous theme and fun times with that stage (very clever birthday gift for Elijah)!


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